Cheerleaders 2018


or that SFCU is full of new dawners who wouldnt know that the same player was once on Man-o-Man or Alex Dimitriades’s ‘stunt double’ for all the football scenes in the Heartbreak Kid movie


Kids these days. pffft.


I do somewhat miss the bitters vs new dawners debates that would erupt all over social media and football forums back in the day circa 2006 and 2007

That and the Eurosnob reaction to telling people you followed Sydney FC (or the A-League). I don’t get quite the same ‘reaction’ these days – in fact I think the incidents of people telling me how crap the A-League is has dropped of remarkably. Shame.


Two years tops :wink:

See I fall in the middle, while I was aware of the NSL and watched a handful of games on TV I never saw a game as there was no one really in my area and I was the wrong type of Wog.


At least you were some type haha.

I used to go to a lot of Olympic games at one point, a fair few Marconi and Sydney Utd games plus a handful of Wolves games. I never really connected with any but would go a lot anyways as a ‘neutral’. Went to some Nth Spirit games in their first season but couldn’t be bother going to Nth Sydney from the South West. The NSL was so much fun in its terribleness and I really got into it for a long time. I moved O/S as it wound up though so I missed the Parra Power grand final.

Socceroo’s game at the SFS were the first times I went on the train into ‘the city’ on my own at about 14 or 15 so have some great memories of that as well.

Sorry – I have now turned Cheerleaders into a football nostalgia thread…opps


The first match I went to was a parra power game. It was absolutely pissing down and windy as all fuck and there was about 20 people there.
Took a while before I could be convinced by my mate to see another power match.


My old man’s workplace had a corporate box at the old Parra stadium, so we used to get freebies to any sokkah game there as no one else from his company gave a shit. I remember a semi shootout between (I think) Parra Melita and Marconi that was pretty epic.

Saw plenty of Eels matches there in the REALLY lean years too, then when they started winning games it became impossible for the old man to get those box tickets again.

Don’t think I ever bothered going to a Power game though. That’s as an Eels fan who was local in the Hills, and also a skippy who didn’t really associate with any of the effnik teams either. If I didn’t give a shit about them I don’t know who was supposed to.


My first game was Brisbane v Marconi at Lang Park in '97. I had a broken arm at the time and got Marconi GK Les Pogliacomi to sign the cast.


I went to the odd game as a kid, then got a bit more invested when Spirit started as it was convenient to get to NSO travelling from the office in the City to home in Hornsby.


After the NSL finished I continued my support of Olympic and quite a few people I new from TWGF or from here/SFC would also watch games.

One game I didn’t make, Mikey was there and so was Les Murray. Mickey had a few intense debates with Lazlo on TWGF when Murray still posted on there. So Mickey being Mickey went up an had a convo with the great man.

Murray looked at Mickey, who is a white man of Latvian heritage, and expressed surprise at him being there … You know, he wasn’t a wog?

Thank christ I wasn’t.

I try and avoid commenting on Murray and Warren in public because they have a mythical place in our sport and sports need their myths. But I don’t think they helped skips get involved.

Now, Olympic people were always welcoming and never expressed surprise at a white boy attending.


I’ve been in corporate boxes for two separate companies, Boral and Qantas, GOD the differences between the two…

Went with the father in law to the Boral corp box and got written off before half time with all of them. The amount of food and grog we went through was amazing. Went to Qantas with my brother for a different game, sat quietly and had a beer or two… Disappointing to say the least


I used to go to Spirit games on the hill at North Sydney Oval , trying to smuggle goon over the wall and chat up the few girls that were there. Was great.

Don’t remember much of the football though.


So I’m in Brisbane this week delivering some training for work. It’s fantastic that it has aligned with us playing here on Friday. Flights paid for!


To reduce the risk of injury, I’d advise undertaking a lighter work load on game day.
It’s completely unacceptable for your employer to expose you to the increased risk of injury that could occur if you arrive at a crowded pub during happy hour on a Friday.
I have data that I can make up to support the theory that a period 30 minutes either side of 2pm is the safest time to arrive if you need it.


And to reduce the risk of insansity I’d suggest not spending anywhere near that long in the Caxton. Especially on “Origin night”.


when your boss is a little bit racist in that old person dumb way and you can’t be bothered arguing.

uh huh, sure.


have you ever met an older Polish person?


no. I don’t think I have


I work with a Polish girl who’s parents voted CDP and Mark Latham!


I struggle to understand how any rational human being could vote for Mark Latham. It’s fine (at a pinch) to vote conservative but to vote for somebody with anger management and mental health issues, is something else again entirely.