Club fundraising for bushfire and drought appeal

Some great initiatives from the club here related to the W-League game on 16 January.


There’s also a whole bunch of stuff up for auction here, including a Championship winning medal:

Also Milos’ boots from the 2017 Grand Final. There may be some DNA on there that could allow you to clone your own Milos.

I don’t normally go in for sports memorabilia, but whoever outbid me on Ninko’s boots is now my lifelong enemy.

Was just going to post this. Those boots kicked that penalty! And didn’t he get booked? Does that mean those boots might have kicked out at DJ Brox or Berisha?

Geez, those boots look worse than mine after a season of park football. Do players use one pair of boots all season? I always assumed that they turned them over pretty quickly.

Milos tends to wear his boots for ages, I’m pretty sure he wore these all season & possibly the year before.

I’m going to win those boots, extract the essence and create Eau de Milos. It will make the wearer irresistible to middle aged men, football tragics and 120kg university students.

The club put up a short video with the Dreamboat talking about the boots.

He has had them since his time in France apparently, but the last use was to bury that penalty.