Content Creators / Contributors wanted

With the new season almost upon us and yet another New Dawn™ approaching, its time to see if we can rope some idiots into writing match reports, articles and other content completely without compensation and likely without thanks.

if you’re interested, let me know by DM.

These are interesting times, they should be documented.

(In truth, a number of people who wrote for SFCU have gone on to greater things, Joe Gorman, Kake Cohen and Dom Bossi all wrote for us in the past)


But I also wrote for us in the pass.

Be Bossi.

Not a hilly.

I always assumed that was a given. Only one of you tried to break into a Pizza Hut to make a kebab.


He should know there’s no kebabs here worth breaking into pizza hut for!

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I could of sworn I’ve tried this before.