Cycling Thread - Pan y agua

I’ve only used SBS this year, I’m up early for work so the days of sitting up into the early hours watching pro tour level one day races is done for me at this stage.

I’ve always found cycling(.)today to be a reliable source for the vast majority of races. It looks like they’re still carrying the smaller races but they could just be using the commentary free stream that you’ve mentioned but as I said I haven’t used that site this year.

Does anyone know who is now showing the downhill MTB World Cup races?

SBS On Demand may be. There’s a link to a race up there at the moment. Just scroll about half way down.

First classic of the year.

Hard to go past MVdP given they left Philipsen out.
I’ve been a long time admirer of Matteo Jorgenson and I think he’s the biggest/most obvious danger alongside Mads Pedersen.

3 smokies are Jonas Abrahamsen who put in a massive ride at Dwaars, Luca Mozzato and Laurence Pithie.

No way the breakaway stays away but if it somehow manages to then Turbo Durbo is looking very good.
He’s missing turns all the time, has someone to work for him and has the engine to pop off the front and solo for the last 10km.

This race is on.

This race is absolutely insane. A fascinating combo of teams having to rethink their plan A thanks to crashes and the overwhelming favourite having a relatively weak team.

In terms of smokies from here, Lazcano is looking strong and has played this quite well.

Hey nice pick! I didn’t catch it live today. What did you make of Bling’s relegation?

In real time, I thought he deviated a very very long way, basically coming from one side of the road to the other. I’m not shocked to read it though it wasn’t the worst deviation you’ll see.

Actually on the aerial view it’s probably harsh, Pollitt still has room to come around and it’s clearly a matter of making that choice to go wide around the other riders as they’re caught. He doesn’t look over his shoulder to see that blocking Pollitt in is an option

Definitely harsh.

Bling did move across but it was gradual, not a sharp movement.
Pollitt made a pretty poor read of the situation as well going for a run that wasn’t really ever there. I also don’t think he had the legs to get past.
Mozzatto was going a lot better than him and still only just got past Bling.
At the end of a 270km race in those conditions you’d think the Commisaire would allow a little bit of leeway especially considering it wasn’t a bunch sprint.

I don’t get why he went to that side of the road though. The wind was coming from right to left so moving all the way over to the right didn’t make a whole lot of sense. The better option would’ve been to pull left after going past Bettiol & Theuns.

This might be part of the rationale for the relegation. The most logical reason to go left to right in this case was to close the door on Pollitt. I also think it’s just a bit of a normal sprinter instinct when you come out of a slipstream to move to the other side of the road, happens all the time in bunch sprints.

There was room on the right to overtake. It’s not like he boxed him into the barriers - he left a good amount of space.

It’s no different to trying to force a break, and moving to the opposite side of the road while sprinting. You’re putting lateral distance between you and the people behind as well as accelerating away from them. It’s standard practice.

Are they going to DQ people for trying to force a break using the same tactic?

Massive crash overnight at the Tour of the Basque country with big ramifications for the Grand Tours.
Jonas Vingegaard and Remco Evenepoel both taken to hospital with various broken bones.
Primoz Roglic went down for the second time in 2 days and suffered large cuts and bruising.

Pog Giro-Tour double incoming?

I can’t see anyone beating him unless he also falls off at some stage. He and Vingegaard are so far ahead of everyone else over 3 weeks at the moment.
His biggest dangers are in his own team now but I think they’ll keep him and Ayuso apart.

Skjelmose and Jorgensen would be his closest challengers but there a step below him.

You’d have to think this is the best chance anyone would have for a Giro-Tour double in the current era.

I feel so bad for Evenepoel, he just can’t catch a break. This happens this year just as he’s given Tour leadership and last year he got Covid at the Giro while in pink and as clear favourite to win the whole thing.

Oh shit it sounds bad for Vingegaard, that’s a horrific injury. I’d be shocked if he’s back before the end of the season.

Just got home from work so missed the start of Paris-Roubaix.

Pretty obvious who should/will win this. His biggest danger crashed at Dwaars and it looks as though done of his biggest challengers here have either DNS’d or fallen already.
I had Laurenz Rex as my smoky but it sounds as though he was caught up in a fall earlier. Just saw him and yeah, he’s in for a long day.
Mathias Norsgaard might also put in a good ride.

Unbelievable team ride from Alpecin. No one else had a chance

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Gianni Vermeersch was brilliant…
Van Der Poel probably would have bridged across if he wanted but Vermeersch sitting on that Pollitt/Kung breakaway is what won it for Alpecin.