Danny Townsend Stands Down as CEO?

This one has been coming.

We have Brad Crismale at the helm now, so I guess its staying in the family…


I guess he needs some spare time to cure cancer, bring peace to the Middle East etc

The conspiracy must be discreet.
I approve.


Yeah I’ve been waiting for this, it’s clear the APL was always going to require a full time CE at some point.

He’s done great things here and I wish him well.

Now… Is Tony P sick of cleaning up Tony Sage’s mess and ready to come back?

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Farrk, let’s just fold the club now. If anything bad happens this season I’m blaming the new guy regardless of whether it’s his fault or not.

This has been coming with the intensity of his APL role. Still a bummer though as he’s been immense for us as well as just being an all round good guy.

After Tony P was worried about the CEO but Danny more than filled Tonys shoes… good luck to him in with the APL gig

Hope the new guy likes getting asked a thousand dumb questions on twitter as well.

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Same. Danny had a football background though, which is significant.

Brad Crismale is though, is in cyber security (sounds like a fake industry?)… I’m very wary of anyone with that kind of background :wink:

Brad Crismale is a really nice and very smart bloke, and also has no idea why he’s being touted as the new CEO as of 10 mins ago.

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But the article had a “it is believed” before positing that. Isn’t that enough? If someone believes it, it’s true somewhere.

Oh interesting.


Could be our new CEO

Danny has been absolutely wonderful for Sydney FC - in every way. He is a real football person who is also an unbelievabley successful entrepreneur and manager. And does it all so calmly and with good grace, including responding quickly to emails from club members. It will be hard to replace him.
That said, the title of the news story misleadingly said our ‘Chairman’ was stepping down. And I really panicked. We may never get another Danny T as CEO, but I am sure we can get someone reasonable. I can’t imagine how we would ever replace Scott B.
It was great to see Scott and Traktor on the field greeting our players and coaching staff after our Round 2 A League debacle vs the Bulls. Lots of other owners would have already hightailed out in disgust and anger)

It seems to be bogus, or at least premature, only ftbl have reported it, the Brad Crismale thing is wrong and ftbl (ex 442) is a clickbait mess these days.


It also had a spelling error and said Townsend had only overseen 1 Championship.

Quality ‘journalism’

The author will then claim, whether it’s this week or 2 years when Danny does leave, that he was right.

Yes I’ll think twice before trusting it as a source again, that’s for sure…

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Looks like Danny’s off for real, club just issued a press release. transitioning over the next ‘x’ months.

Big loss. Important that they get his replacement right.