David Squires mega-thread


Last panel is probably his greatest work yet


Giggling like a fucking lunatic on the train at the last panel.


That fucking last panel :joy:

Also the pictures and plaques in the background of the first frame are perfect levels of Squires detail.


Squires has outdone himself this week. Absolutely brilliant.


I thought the whole thing is a bit meh. I didn’t find any of it funny and must be missing something in the last panel.
I must say though the last few weeks have been peak Squires and the Hakeem Al-Araibi strip was brilliant.


Squires must browse these forums as I’m sure someone around here inspired the hook it to my veins panel.


love the snaxcup


Matt Simon looks like Dwight Schrute


Good shout.

Love the smile on Simon’s face.


Hoole is the new Dutton, nailed.


“a manager howling into the night sky like a drunk man outside a kebab shop…”
Eating a late morning breakfast, milk exploded out of my nose…







I purchased a Squires original a few weeks back, and it’s a thing of beauty to hold in your hand. Amazing that he comes up with and executes that with such little lead-in time.


Lovely stuff this week.


Love the song at the end. Quite a chuckle from that.


This week is an immense roasting of everything about Melbourne City. :joy:




I wonder how many games Yoshi has attended.


Solid effort, multiple belly-laughs.