Doolan Warren Awards

On tonight. Krishna probably wins the Johnny Warren. Not sure about the Julie Doolan Medal- maybe Macaskil/Kerr?

Won’t Castro be favourite for the Warren?
Dolan maybe a bit harder to pick but it should be Kerr. For Sydney, I think we had a good bunch of candidates - Savannah, Foord, Kennedy - who would take too many points off each other. Did anyone stand out from Melbourne, who finished top?

This is on at 7pm tonight on Fox if anyone fancies watching:

More FFA bias right there.
Why is the awards ceremony being held at SFC’s major sponsor? I bet that the money the paid to hire the venue will secretly go to Ninko so he can sign in cap next season.

Krishna wins it:

Hard to argue too much, there were times he dragged them to where they got to. Castro probably was equally deserving but I’m happy enough with this result.

I think the fact that there were some many top performing Perth players also harmed Castro because he was sharing points with his team mates. Ditto our players. Krishna on the other hand was the clear standout there.

That’ll jack up his price even more!

But yeah, well done to the lad.