Euros 2024... It isn't going home... Unless home is Paris

I think it’s more that everyone is expecting England to jammy it through for a scrappy win

Olmo did well enough in his absense.

I’d put Spain as favourite. Southgate has them setup as a not quite as good France and Spain did well enough against the real deal.

Well done to England. They’ve been poor all tournament but were much better last night.

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Spain have Rodri, the ultimate cheat code in big games.

Fuuuuuuuck England.

Hopefully, I will be driving around many a sad Englander on Monday morning around 7am in the eastern suburbs and city.

The result won’t matter.

We’re all sad. It’s just that we cope with an unusual sense of optimism that keeps us going.

I only pray, should England win, that my passengers have their shirts on so I don’t get a blinding red glow in my rearview all morning.

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Useless fucking dutch.

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On the positive side, one more David Squires cartoon.

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As always if there is no team I’m supporting in a final, I default to the one with less wins.

England for the win this time. A new name on the trophy is more interesting than a past winner getting a 4th.

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You sicken me.




No beers for you at Henson Park next time.


I’m ambivalent whether England win or not however that ‘coming home’ bullshit & pathetic song is like nails on a blackboard.

The flip side is having Sir Gareth Southgate punish English fans for a long time afterwards.


The Continental Cup between UEFA and CONMEBOL is happening again for the 4th time in it’s history in 2025. Last 3 were 85 France beat Uruguay, 97 i think, Arg beat Denmark and 2022 Arg beat Italy. (Doing this from memory, years could be wrong)

Purely from that point of view, Arg v Eng would be spicy for '25.

But my brain is telling me it will be Colombia v Spain. :wink:

I’ve hardly heard the ‘It’s coming home’ song this tournament (I live in UK), but it will be unbearable if they win as it will no doubt be played everywhere.

Though part of me does want England to win, just for the party.

And potential public holiday…

The song is great, it’s just the cockspanks who are singing it everywhere that are the problem.

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To be fair, they’re the problem with England as a whole…