Everything I Don't Agree With Is Wrong - The Mark Bosnich Thread

I guess we are going to hear from Bosnich until VAR is scrapped so may as well use this to comment on him rather than clogging up the FFA Thread and VAR thread. Bellow is his rant following the controversial VAR decision. Despite missing it live being at the game, I can still find enjoyment out of watching it over and over again on replay. Expect this to be full by the end of the round should those three yellow dots show up on your TV or the FFA make any kind of announcement!

His laugh haunts my dreams.

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Don’t suppose anyone has showed him the rule book yet?

He’s got his head down doing something, don’t think he’s reading though…

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The absolute king of hysteria and hyperbole.

According to Bosnich, 95% of A-League fans are walking away from the game because of VAR. That it’s going to kill football in this country altogether and put all the players out of a job.

A bit much, if you ask me.

Fuck him, was the most ardent advocate of it last year and now jumps on the bandwagon. Fuck that drug addled twat

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Bosnich is totally wrong if he thinks 95% of fans will walk away, clearly no more than 87% will leave.

Forfty Percent.

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Bosnich’s bulls&+* will cause 99% of fans to leave

He might be exaggerating but he is hardly wrong with this VAR talk. The league was far better without it.

He’s hardly even right on the VAR is taking the talk away from the football. The talk is being take away from the football (or lack thereof) being played. His over the top, high pitched bleating is drawing attention to the issue. This creates talk about the a-league bringing publicity & interest, generating more talk about football. Yes it’s not the football on display but it is still the a-league. Without it there would have been nothing for 2 weeks. It’s hardly been a riveting 2 weeks full of skill and flair and there would have been nothing in the papers on in the tv.
He is wrong on every other claim.
Where’s his proof that people have walked away because of this. Billy Blowin who tweeted him saying that they turned their tv off and won’t watch again is not someone I would count as walking away. I want to see non-renewing members reason being VAR.
He claims VAR is making decisions. Where is his proof of this and if it is the case then it is in breach of the IFAB guidelines and the officials should be sanctioned.
He does not know the LOTG or cannot apply them correctly, how else explains his incorrect commentary on Sat nights decision.

The league was certainly no better without it, referees decisions often had negative impacts on games that were talked about well into the week. VAR is the same however it isn’t making wrong calls. The league was certainly better, however, when pundits didn’t go on hysterical, ill-informed rants.

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I’ve slept on it and Bozza has just made me walk away… from my Fox subscription. :+1:


What a prick…

What a cunt. Two years we dominated the league, losing three games the whole time. They beat one of the shittest teams in the Comp and he blows his load over them. Fuck I hope we win the GF this year.


LOL. His Victory love is so blatantly transparent. Absolutely nobody could be in any doubt, could they? So disgracefully unprofessional. Its so unfortunate Fox are not going to be outbid for the A-League any time soon because the coverage is becoming increasingly terrible.

Brattan, Halloran and maybe Lachlan Wales off the top of my head should be in that team. I’d be picking either Izzo or Young over Thomas as well, as both were excellent on Friday.

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As Rick James opined, “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug, man”.

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“But this type of business, that pushing around and all that – for me that’s just petulant and it really is pathetic.

“It doesn’t show the character of the side, nor the individual Scott Jamieson involved, and more importantly the club.”


Cocaine is a helluva drug etc