Everything is on fire - the US politics thread

I’ve heard him described as;

“A poor man’s idea of a rich man, a stupid man’s idea of a smart man and a weak man’s idea of a strong man”


Apparently this is an actual post on his own social echo chamber:

The ivermectin ad is chef’s kiss , but he’s clearly shitting his pants (again) over the prospect of TayTay picking the good side.

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It would be quite good if Taytay came out strongly against this nutter. To be fair though she shouldn’t have to. In any other first world country he would be in jail or at least laughed out of town so to speak

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That’s exactly why his supporters love him.

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Well that’s not loony tune at all. People voted him out after one term, perhaps they haven’t forgotten why they did.

Biden’s Super Bowl tweet is pretty good.


It is. I feel this rallies Trump’s base even more tho.

When he was president I heard that the issue during his campaign was that his detractors took him literally but not seriously, but his supporters took him seriously but not literally.

I think that applies here.

The swing voters dont think he’s literally going to set up a billing system for international protection money. They hear that non allies are going to have be less reliant on US assistance.

Meanwhile all the detractors are sort of clutching their pearls and saying how he’ll never be elected and what a buffoon, etc…

I’m kinda amazed that’s real.

For my health:


49’ers can still win if Mike Pence does the right thing and doesn’t certify the result.



Fack me Jaysus. Can’t they just dance shirtless on cars. puke on the streets & do burnouts like normal people.

"At least 22 people had gunshot injuries, the police chief said in a news conference. And some of the victims were children, the city’s fire chief said. "

Now, now. Mass shootings are one of the few communal experiences left in the fragmented USA of 2024.


You would never go to an event with a large number of people if you lived over there. Especially a public event like this with no tickets and security. In that article above they said a large number of people in the crowd would be carrying. Any minor argument can easily turn in to a shooting

Isn’t that one of the arguments though for everyone carrying… Everybody has to behave themselves because you have no idea who you might piss off and shoot you?

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You mean like a world cup?

It’s an insane argument because nobody is trained in de-escalation, so they all think their gun is some kind of invincible shield.

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I would definitely think twice before going to a fan event or live site. The actual matches themselves might be a little safer as they are ticketed and I’m assuming have bag checks and x rays etc. even then it would be a worry

Until some Republican fuckwad sues the venue to protect their second amendment rights, anyway, it’s getting to and from the venue that would worry me.

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