Everything is on fire - the US politics thread

On his way to Washington.

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With the age of both Trump and Biden, you actually need to consider the VP candidate. At 80+ it would be statistically about a 25% chance you’d pass away during that term.

Genuine question, if you’re the current president in your first term and don’t specifically not run for a second (like LBJ), are you automatically the frontrunner/nominee for your party? Otherwise, why does Biden have to withdraw to not have the Dems nomination for 2024-28? Or is it considered rude to not nominate him and they want him to make the decision?

In any case, I still wouldn’t consider it as big a disaster as George Bush Sr.

Wins both popular and college following on from popular Reagan, for whom he was VP, only to lose both popular and college 4 years later. Also, Ford, Never actually elected.

Also, the “Grand Old Party” hasn’t won the popular vote since Bush Jr’s second term (He won college but lost popular for his first). I don’t know, maybe old clown face will pull a 2004 Dubyah, just 4 years delay. Grandpa Simpsons will have another like Grover Cleveland to give him spanks on non-consecutive days.

He still has to run in all the states and get elected as the nominee. It’s just assumed that he’ll run in general. Others can run against him, but it’s very very unlikely that he wouldn’t be chosen. In some runoffs, he wasn’t on the ballot due to admin error and he still won, with people writing his name in the “other” section.

Trump winning would essentially be horrible for the entire world. Israel would have free range over Palestine, Russia would have free range of Ukraine and you’ll see the religious nutjobs completely destroy the US.

A lot of the current restrictions that are in place in the US, like abortion, allowing a President to get away with essentially anything etc are in place due to Trump bringing in conservative Judges into the Supreme court. They’ve even prevented a law that would require them to identify conflicts of interest as well as allowed individuals to give them gifts based on previous rulings, as long as they’re not given prior. This is all purely thanks to Trump.

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For all this talk of replacing Biden I would first want to know “with whom?” Unless there is someone better with a lazy $500 million in their bank account- STFU.

My personal opinion, a corpse would make a better President than Trump.


I meant disaster in terms of a current president losing an election for second term. It would absolutely be disastrous to have Trump in for another 4 years, as it was to have him in the first place, and as its already to disastrous that he has the status of former president as well as forever the title of President.

Having said that, the Dems to me are a lot like ALP, a constantly disappointing alternative to the other more right-wing major party.

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Lot on the Trump friendship with Epstein on the Twitters. It’s hard to know what’s just conjecture, photoshopping or whatever, but it does seem like the two got on well with some shared, erm interests. But at least he’s not 3 years older.

Ive read his name aappears 60 something times on the Epstein flight logs… also in an interview, he was asked specifics on revealing classified documents. He said yes to all, but stopped on the Epstein stuff

And there’s court documents where a woman is alleging that epstein and trump raped her when she was 13.

Absolutely none of that is new info.

And all of it is ignored.

of course, for the left, it’s just one of a million different things he’s done that should discount him from the Presidency, for the right, it’s all made up to assassinate his character…

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Not political per se…

But America is recording cases of bubonic plague…

Jesus Christ…

Just before Biden’s press conference where he aims to prove he’s up to it by answering unscripted questions, he introduces Zelensky as President Putin at the NATO conference. Talk about poor timing

I mean, never mind sundowning, he’s just forshadowing…maybe.

He also just referred to Kamala as Vice President Trump

Its unbelievable

Like watching a train crash. Scary, but you just can’t turn away.