FA removes transfer fee cap

Can only be a good thing. NPL clubs will benefit from this.

Next step is for A-league transfer fees.


Better late - and it is very late - than never. Have a mate who was president of a Sydney NSL (now NPL) club who told me that in ‘selling’ players to A League clubs, his club got almost nothing and then had to wait for ages to get paid that almost nothing.

Ask your mate if they ever thought of contracting a player for more than a season.

Its kinda hard to get a large sum of money if they can walk for free at the end of the current season.


Are there even any clubs in the NPL deemed to be fully professional? That also gets in the way of them getting bigger transfer fees.

This is massively significant. It should benefit all parties.

-Player feels more important, puts in best effort, increases in determination and workload etc.
-Selling club gets what they ask when sold to accepted value, hopefully in turn puts the money in to practise to produce more good players. Hence advance development.

  • Buying club will think more carefully who they buy and hopefully make right decisions on recruitment to fit the team. Instead of just getting a whole bunch of promising players and then only picking out the very best to advance leaving the rest to drop back down or just give up.

My first thoughts…

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Do I need the player right now?

Or can I wait till they have 6 months left on their 9 month contract and sign them for next season?

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Do I put in a fairly low offer which, if the NSL club rejects, pisses off the player as it’s his golden opportunity to jump into the big leagues, after which they either walk out on their contract or just give up

Both of those examples are the mainstay of global football transfer system. Which do we want, a closed one or an open one?

NPL clubs just may give longer contracts because of this.

With time this will normalize with new generations coming through. If players kick up a stink, they will have to deal with the situation.

NOTHING is a perfect situation. Human beings with feelings, and money. You can’t control that 100%.

We wanted to be inline with the rest of the world. We’re getting there.

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It’s more commentary about the NSL Clubs actually stepping up and acting like professional clubs, more so than anything else. You can’t expect to be treated professionally if you’re run semi-professionally. If they want proper transfer fees, then they need to treat their players properly, with proper multi-year contracts and actually pay them some sort of meaningful wages. You can’t expect a player who’s earning 50-60k a year to not want to run away and join a professional outfit the moment they come sniffing. At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to the money and the potentially to play for a professional club.

Whether this is sustainable, that’s a different matter.

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I don’t see how this restraint of trade benefits anyone. Anyone within the NPL systems knows that clubs don’t really develop players - parents do. Furthermore parents are paying around $3000 pa for someone else to benefit economically. What I expect is that Aleague clubs will increasingly focus on promoting from their own academies and we will see good prospects concentrating within Aleague academies to the detriment of NPL clubs.

Yeah but think about all the exotic locations NSL clubs could source their soil from with the extra money!!!

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If APIA wants their soil imported from Italy, it’s their choice. If they think that will help their club to be better and more succesful, it’s their choice. They will suffer the consequences of their decisions.

This is the whole point. People having to be more responsible, actually have a meaningful reason to use their heads and do their work properly. If they don’t they will be left behind by those who do.

We can’t hold peoples hands forever.

It’s called professionalism. If they aren’t up to it, someone else will be.

Yeah I know, but one of your arguments was that the clubs will finally be able to put money into producing players. You have a club that apparently doesn’t have the money, importing soil from Italy… You have Bill Pappas being accused of 500 Million in fraud, President of Sydney Olympic, if they want to be treated like professional outfits, they need to start acting like it.

Major clubs are going to be more likely to want to deal and support smaller clubs if they know the money is going to go somewhere and benefit them in the long term. Otherwise, they’ll spend more time trying to get what they want for cheaper.

They don’t care, there is no benevolence.

They don’t but it might encourage them to form actual partnerships.