FFA Cup R32 - Sydney FC vs Brisbane - 7/8/19

Might as well get this thread set up.

I’m a bit nervous that we will pay a price for several key players not being able to train for most of the last week and maybe being a bit undercooked. Roar also seem to be going alright in preseason.

Let’s hope its not THE banana skin that disrupts the Treble!

Very much a banana skin game. With a lot of new players and a new coach for Brisbane there would be quite a few starting positions still up for grabs for them. In comparison our starting 11 is pretty well set in stone so their players may well have a bit more to play for.
This game could see the first hit out for complacency this season.

We’re going to get arse blasted. There.

They have had some friendlies (11-0 scores suggest they werent against great sides) and have had a settled squad for a few weeks but this will be the first HAL exposure for a lot of their squad. We should win this but its a banana skin for sure. Still think they will be put of the finals this year so if we lose it would be very disappointing.

Feels like that night in Perth wasnt that long ago. Loving the FFA cup.

The game should be a really good test of where we are. I dont expect Roar to be pretty but I do think they will be hungry, physical, competitive and experienced.

Its a good test of where FC are at in their preparation, I would have preferred HAL teams a couple down the track.

I dunno, we’ve gone from NPL3 to NPL2 to Ligue 1 opposition, I reckon a step back to NPL1 standard in Brisbane is about right.

But no complacency. :wink:


If everyone is fit then on paper we should destroy them. Concern is if we dont click in our first competitive match but Bimbi would be all over it. Really want the FFA Cup. Still sore from Adelaide.

That game last year was Goodys 2 best strikes,well when it mattered,it was a great spectacle.Worthy of a Cup Final.

Love to see FC go on the same run and win it in 90mins.

Fowler will have his guys up for it,could be a classic?

Scissors cut paper, cup fever " on the night" effort wins it for any team.

Class will probably prevail but it depends if the sick guys recover enough for a decent preparation.


Here we go again !!!
Another State v State game ffs
Roar will probably wear Bronco jumpers.
The way I see it ? We progress to the next round with flying (Sky Blue) colours

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A match thread a week before the game?

We’re going to get arseblasted and then our remains will get arseblasted you jinxing bastards.


ONLY way to counter this, is a return of the Archbishop of PAX

He’s on his way.


A little less grand than I hoped from his station, but it’s a reliable bit of kit so should get Lord Pax here in one piece, with his tools.

It seems we’re travelling ok up here but yeah we’ve only played local opposition.

Of course we’ll be gunning for a win but yeah I don’t think the realistic expectation amongst the faithful is all that high…

Involuntary necrocoitus, noice.

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