FFA Cup SF - Sydney FC vs CCM - 18/01/22

On paper I’d ordinarily be pretty pessimistic about this given that this is our third game in seven days, but CCM haven’t played since 21 December so they’re going to be rusty and comfortably out of form.

So I guess this isn’t going to be a classic but I don’t hate our odds.

One Peach Baguette coming right up!


CCM are playing well as a team. Sydney are still struggling. CCM should be heavy favourites to win this especially with this being our 3rd game in 7 days.

We know that Mariners are going to press hard for mistakes and aim for early goals in the first 15mins of each half. They aren’t going to change that as it worked so well against us last time. So the advantage is Corica’s technically.

3-1 loss

As much as I hate betting against Sydney, the Mariners paying $5 for the win inside 90 feels like free money. Especially with how inconsistent the league is at the moment.


It isnt free money. What youre describing is an example of where the bookies have provided a payout which is not representative of actual odds of mariners winning in the theoretical punter’s favour.
If you expect the mariners to win greater than 1 in 5 times, than the value offered is worth betting on, but it doesnt make it free money.

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Not to retread old ground but I don’t think he meant it literally. Just that the bookies have the odds way off, and I agree. Mariners are way better than a 20% favourite for this.

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I think it’s just a saying.

Anyway I think we will win.

I agree, $5 is rough on Mariners, but surely our match practice gives us a pretty big advantage … I reckon we’ll win 1-nil.

Not expecting much. We tend to perform poorly against Mariners, even when we win. Think they’ll win within 90.

Nah we’ve got this no worries


Mariners haven’t played since 21 Dec, some players will be out with Covid, while others are recovering from the illness. I think the odds are appropriate.

Chucked $100 on CCM to win, decent odds.

Don’t ever go against the family


Throwing $100 on Sydney to balance the scales of justice


You must be fun at parties.

Actually I don’t think he would be.

What you’re describing is an individual with a tendency to interpret jocular, off the cuff remarks literally and then decide to provide unnecessary, overly simplistic and condescending explanations. This would probably hinder the experience of fun at any theoretical party.


I think we’ll win.

In fact, seasons over if we don’t, imo.


Remember, any bet results are only counted within the 90 minutes unless you have done “Team to Progress through” or whatever it is called now days.

Ticketek adding a “one-off service fee of $7.00” really annoys me. That’s almost half the cost of an adult ticket. A great incentive to just watch it on TV.

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