FFA Thread - This one's for the stakeholders

So nominations are in for the new board and chairperson…

Remo Nogarotto (yep, that’s right), Capital Football chair Heather Reid, former Australian Grand Prix boss Judith Griggs and SBS pundit and former Socceroo Craig Foster.

If Nogarotto gets in will we pine for the grand old days of Steven Lowy?

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You couldn’t make it up.

I can’t wait for people to be asking for the new boards resignation after a week.

I think Foster would be decent and he can implement his vision. They need to make sure they can hit the reset button and sort their shit out and stop delaying expansion and improve the quality of players we produce.

Big no to Foster. He’s sold his soul for that shite Southern Expansion bid, fuck him.


Clear conflict of interest.

Pretty uninspiring list that.

That would apply to the bird from Capital Football too.

Indeed you couldn’t make that list up. :joy: Maybe needs more Ben Buckley.

Andrew Demetriou for the win! :yum:

A week is optimistic. I give it a a few days.

Fosters “vision” would be southern expansion and everyone playing ‘Barcelona style’.

Everyone’s wanted to current board out but little thought has gone to who’d come in and based off this list it’s not going to be better. That’s not at all to defend from how bad Stephen Lowy has been

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Remo? Fuck that


I used to have a great respect for Foster until this southern bid conflict. Agree totally with sentiments expressed here on Foster.

Remo Nogarotto. Oh dear.

Fuck having Foster the sell out on the FFA board.

What would be views on Foster as a candidate if he didn’t touch Southern Expansion?

I’m about 90% convinced he hates the A-League so it would be a no from me. I also don’t think he is actually qualified in terms of his CV.

If Remo Nogarotto, FFS.
I swear there is some place where all administrators from Australian Football get cryogenically frozen at the end of their tenure. Every 20 years they are thawed and switch places with the other outgoing mob. Nothing else can explain how the same names continue to pop up.
If Repo Notagaino gets back in it better mean Frank Arok, with Les Scheinflug as his assistant, is in charge of the NT at the next World Cup. Arnie upfront and we’re sorted.

I think Fozzy is onto something with the idea of making football inexpensive for the young uns…
Paying a few K in rego fees for your kid to play in an elite team, then that money paying the wages of semi professional first grade team…

Are the NPL clubs selling false dreams to cashed up parents?

The AFL put in hard cash for lighting at my local ground. They are primo lights ( night games are played now) and mark the ground as oval shape for many years to come. This on council land. They also had a full time development officer in the area for years, and have been paying wages to kids for umpiring. This is all mostly cash from head office.

What can we do to win hearts and minds?


Yet NPL Clubs like APIA are in debt and getting more so every year.

At a rough estimation the NPL fees bring in about half a million in revenue every year. Some NPL senior players are getting $3K a week.

Do they cut these wages or somehow try and find revenue somewhere else?

Good article, seems to be accross pretty much everything.

Going to be tricky working out how to pay NPL players with cash from a diffent source