FFA Thread - This one's for the stakeholders


Sadly true.

Looks like Nogaratto is firming up as the most likely candidate:


Two good articles here…


It’s quickly turning to shit with vested interests bubbling over and set to dominate. We could be in for the bad old days all over again.


Not wanting to over simplify but, overall looks very much like fundamental conflict between 2 governance models. On one hand ‘corporate governance’ where the sport is run as a business, and 'broader stakeholder governance’where those closest to the coal face make decisions based on this proximity.

It would seem that the great quandary facing the game here is that there is a movement towards the latter, but in reality the game requires a large element of the former to stay financially stable. How these two oppositional positions play out once the Board is settled will determine how the next few years shape for the game here.

Pray for the ‘Better Angels’ to prevail.


Steven Lowy giving a closing address for the current board…
Where was he between 2:30AM and 5:30AM this morning when I couldn’t get back to sleep?


Looks like it’s Remo vs Conroy.

Edit: I just realised that it’s THE Stephen Conroy, ie the internet filter guy.


Conroy missed out. His political connections could have been helpful.

So what now its chair vote and then analysis.

EDIT: didnt realise its a 60% so its a dead heat


Conroy withdraws so Remo wins it.


Well Conroy just withdrew on my feed, so I came back here to figure out how you knew he misses out 10 minutes early


So the actual outcome was;

Reid, Carrozzi, Nikou and Nogarotto, we’ll see how the chair goes between Carrozzi and Nikou and who, if anyone gets co-opted.


If there was under 60% in this round it would have been 50% in the next round. So assuming votes remained the same then Remo would have won on that final vote.


Realised I spilled the beans too early so had to backtrack :wink:

My understanding is they just appoint Conroy now if he still wants it? Seems farcical.

Whos the better candidate for chair?


Illuminati confirmed.



Early signs positive, with his call to make A League expansion the first order of the day. If he can manage this it will provide a significant upsurge of optimism. Oh my god is it dangerous to say that word when speaking about football?..(sweat droplets forming on brow)


Pity he made up a story about being meeting and talking to active supporters during the fans strike.


So it begins…

I’m a bit concerned by City’s potential influence over the Board.


Im confused what people want from this. People seem to have wanted “football people” but now that theyve got “football people” they’re complainig about “Lowy stooges” getting the gigs. Anyone invovled in football recently would have Lowy links


Who are these people complaining about ‘Lowy stoges’ who are also football people?