First Gear-Grind of the new Forum


That’s a brilliant idea. Start a company, patent the technology, and wait for Samsung or Apple to buy you out.


The word poop. Shit word.




You’re just a wee jobbie Ed.


Do you notice that your mouth makes the shape of an anus when you say the word “poop”?


Serious question. Has there EVER been a real estate agent who’s not a first rate cunt?


Only ones that are second-rate cunts…


And in what other field is it essential for salespersons to have their photos displayed on all advertising? I do not want to see what you fuckers look like. Why do I care?


The photos aim to make them look as non-cunty looking as possible to suck you in to a false belief that they’re reasonable human beings.


I just see spivs.
Only thing I like about these photos is when people use them - as seen next to Erko station - to draw cocks on.


I had a job interview when I was about 20 for a job at a pretty swanky real estate in the Balmain area.

The guy that interviewed me was the picture of the sleazebag agent.
All his questions were about how much money do you want to make, do you care about doing anything else except making money. What would you do to make sure you could secure more money for the firm.

Obviously my answering the questions like a human didn’t work for him.
I could have made tons of money working for him but it would have meant becoming a friggin low life.


My phone just took one too many drops and now I am mobile phone-less until at least Friday. It happened an hour ago and already I feel very inconvenienced.


That’s crap. I dropped my phone in Milan last year, 2 hours after getting off the plane to commence a holiday through Italy for 1.5 weeks. I didn’t have a phone the whole time I was there as well as the remaining week that I had in Germany afterwards. Turned out to be one of the best holidays I’ve had.

If you happen to work near North Ryde, I’ve got a Galaxy S8 you could borrow.


Cheers but I’ve managed to get my old shitty S5 working, but man is it slow. I’ve ordered my new S9 though so I’m looking forward to that if nothing else.


Hopefully the S9s will go down in price soon with the introduction of the S10. Keen to get 1 myself.
I smashed my 2 year old Huawei over Christmas and foolishly got the screen fixed for 140 bucks. It hasn’t been the same since. It goes crazy every now and then where the only option is to restart it. Also it’s impossible to read the screen in sun light now


That’s just the Chinese government controlling it from afar.


My phone is doing the old not charging properly after 23 months trick again. Holding out for the s10


Stop looking at all my porno and state secrets ya commie bastards!


Cunts who work at woolies and the like who push stock trolleys etc. I totally understand youve got a job to do, but have some fucking perception of your surroundings and that customers need to actually get past sometimes. Oh and stop chatting to your mate 3 ailsles away at fucking 5.30pm on a Thursday blocking everyone.


This is more so, woolies and coles need to get a fucking brain and stop re-stocking shelves in the middle of the rush. I remember the days when it was done at 10pm at night, no massive trollies sitting in the middle of the aisle and you could pop in for 10 seconds to get your crap and leave!

Especially the days when the Crocodile Farm Hotel in Ashfield was filled late night with the random stockers