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I went to a supermarket in the US (can’t remember which one) a few months ago that magically recognised the fruit and veg when you put it on the scales at the self check-out. I have no idea how it did it but even when the fruit had no barcode you’d put it there, and after half a second’s wait it would come up with the correct fruit, the weight, and the price. What a life.


Awesome. Must be a 3D scan of some sort to get the size and shape?


I think it’s an app that tells you if it’s a hotdog or not


Was at a Coles in Port Macquarie where every second produce item we scanned had to get cleared by the assistant. Was about to crack it when the chick next to us was caught swiping mangoes as onions.


I really love hearing stories about Coles and Woolies getting screwed by customers using the self service check outs. They grind my gears


I once overheard someone talking about weighing a brown onion and then chucking smoked salmon in their bag.


Brilliant. To be honest I wouldn’t have to balls to do something like this myself though. I just hope the company’s lose more on these self service machines than it costs to employ staff.

The paying for plastic bag thing really pissee me off also but am prepared to accept that on environmental grounds even though I’m sure it’s for financial reasons they did it


Bring back capital punishment for this shite.


Been getting a shit load of dodgy scam ATO robo-calls to my mobile this past week.
You know it’s bollocks when they open up with some gubbins that Austalians would never use like “Dear Citizen” then follow it up with the usual threats about “arrest”, “legal action” etc.

Anyhow the interesting thing about one earlier today was that it showed the number as being one listed by the ATO on their website. Can you hack the return # on a call like that?


It’s called spoofing and yes the scammers can spoof ATO numbers.


Well whaddaya know. Back in my day, spoofs were terrific fun.


Shirley you jest?


I get them all the time, they’re annoying AF. Apart from perhaps English language/accent issues that the scammers may face, I wonder why they don’t just record something that sounds legit rather than using the text to speech crap. If I got a voicemail in a real voice that was like “Hi, this is Debbie from the ATO, we’ve reviewed your last tax return and there appears to be some issues with the claims that you’ve made. We need to investigate further. Could you please call be back on xxx xxx to discuss” then I recon I’d make that phone call to find out what the issue was.


They don’t want intelligent people calling them back over something that is plausible, they just want the idiots who are ripe for the taking.


See, I completely overlooked that.


Little by little, I have been building a home entertainment system and I added the final piece (surround speakers) to the concert speakers, centre speaker and sub-woofer about three months ago. The Plasma and the speakers all run through a Denon AVR which can manage multiple tasks flawlessly.

For example, there is a button on the remote that does two things very well; firstly, it is able to switch between basic stereo (for when I am just watching the news) and full cinema quality surround sound when I am watching Netflix and, secondly, when the full cinema quality surround option has been chosen it is able to send a message to the Sydney Control Tower and advise them to redirect aircraft over my suburb.


Call in a bomb threat every time you want to enjoy the system.
Problem solved.


I vote to systematically eradicate every person with the genetic deficiency that sees them incapable of standing in the back half of a bus.

The number of cunts who won’t move an inch beyond the back door is astonishing.


The building that I work in has always had a swipe card entry system for the car park, but recently they have implemented a smart phone app that displays a QR code to be scanned by a scanner on entry (for some tenants). We’re still using swipe cards, but now all these people are using a mobile app on the way in. It takes them ages to get the phone out, open the app and scan the code, so a line forms pretty quickly at people trying to enter the carpark during peak times.

The thing is - how is this even legal? They’re having to handle their phone while they’re in their car (with the motor running and presumably, in gear [while mine grind]).


“Nearly two-thirds of its residents travel out of the area to work, with just 44 per cent of the population working in Blacktown City.”

Quote from Domain. Nothing like trying to over exaggerate the facts and then use statistics to show that it’s closer to 50% in the same sentence.