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I have no idea what you just said.


Whole lotta Man Boat nonsense in this thread.


We’re talking about me fucking up while everyone judges harshly


ok …


I was sitting in a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) waiting to be lowered to rescue a simulated casualty in a man overboard exercise (MOBEX).

The simulated casualty is a big orange dummy named Oscar.

The Officer of the Watch (OOW) has to turn the ship around and sail near him to allow us to go out and get him. They do a Williamson Turn and are supposed to sail close by so we can jump out and grab him.

On this occasions they did their turn a little too well and pretty much ran over oscar, with the poor dummy bouncing on the ship as we went past with everyone sitting in or near the boat hearing his head bouncing off the ship as we went past.

And the last comment “found him OOW, well done” came from the second in command, Executive Officer (XO) in a very sarcastic tone.


people who shoot videos on their phone in PORTRAIT rather than landscape. WT actual F?

We dont watch movies in portrait. We dont watch TV in portrait. We dont watch ANYTHING in portrait. So why the fuck take videos in portrait? Why are people so stupid.

Makes pretty much any video shot on a phone unwatchable.



Nothing shits me more at the gym, then when you’re trying to get free weights, and there’s a shit head working out right in front of them. I’ve taken to making sure I fully step in between them, and the crouch down, taking my time to make sure I’m choosing the exact correct weights.


The suggestion that all forms of videos should be landscape is as absurd as suggesting that all forms of photography should be landscape, that all forms of painting should be landscape, that all forms of drawing should be landscape etc.

If the object of the video is better represented in portrait mode, and the space around it does not contribute meaningful context, then filming in landscape is pointless.

If you’re recording a 1-year-old walking toward the camera, you want the video to see the kid filling the phone screen in portrait mode - you don’t want to turn the phone sideways and have them take up only like 3cm of the screen width, with 6cm of messy living room on either side. That would be complete nonsense.


If it only takes one swish of the iron to add a crease to a shirt, why does it take many times more than one swish to remove it?


Apologies for the overtly technical response, but I believe it is due to entropy. Some fabrics have more entropies in them than others and this means that they move towards that creased state more easily.


LOL you’ve listed probably the only known example of when a portrait video might be more appropriate.

I’ve lost track of the amount of concert videos, sporting moments or family get together videos shot in portrait I’ve seen which are unwatchable.


I always see on the news when witnesses send in videos of floods or fights etc in portrait mode. I must admit it grinds my gears also


Holding a phone in landscape is also pretty inconvenient and unnatural, which explains why a lot of those witness videos and others where you quickly pick up and film are done in portrait.


Should done a crazy ivan higdawg.



People film videos in portrait for instagram, snapchat and facebook, duh.


if i film a video in portrait and then watch it on my phone in portrait it’s full screen.


A while back there was a big push by FB for media outlets to produce video solely in portrait. They reasoned it was easier to view in the NewsFeed, which is fair. It made my job of video production a fucking nightmare though.


I didn’t realize they allowed porn of fb??


Given all the software-forward video and photo processing on phones these days (along with most phones having dual cameras), I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future your phone would record in both portrait and landscape no matter what orientation you hold your phone and you’ll be able to choose what you prefer later.