First gear lubrication on the new forum

We have everything worked out with the builders, plans all sorted.
Pre-start meeting on Monday and we should be good to go.


Make sure you get a decent inspection service. That guy on youtube from Melbourne highlights just how shonky these fuckers can be.

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Inspectors (usually either private certifiers or council) have very little time on site for a standard house build. Usually checking reo before the slabs been poured and maybe the framing before the cladding goes up, but usually not. The biggest issue is builders, way too many getting into it for the money and spending way too little time on site to make sure things are done properly.
For our build that was finished just over 12 months ago the only official inspection we had was from council and was a pre pour slab inspection.

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you can organise your own inspections though cant you?

We were very picky with our builder.
They used to work for one of the big companies but got sick of the bullshit.

One of the big problems over here was the government stimulus thing, heaps of builders took on too much work.

Ours doesn’t take on many jobs and only what they know they can finish in a good time frame.

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Through judicious use of the Youtube and a suggestion to unplug and plug back in the power lead at the back of the computer I’ve managed to get my old iMac turned on.

Hopefully I can get the copious amounts of photos off it before it crashes again

You could request the builder use a private certifier of your choice or the structural engineer that designed it. Council will usually do an inspection of their own but I wouldn’t expect much from a council inspection.

This was biggest issue, builders spread too thin across too many jobs. Leaving the trades to do whatever with little guidance

Gear lubrication: building your own home the way you want it is stressful but unbelievably satisfying. Check in on the build regularly and you’ll need to communicate with your builder on how you want things because they usually won’t ask. E.g. bench heights, location of the fuse box, etc. Also definitely ask who the window supplier is and check reviews or ask around. Double glazing is not much more expensive these days and cheap shitty windows are fucked.

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Thanks lads. Can’t wait.
We’ve wanted to do this for so long and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.

I feel really happy for my boys too.
We’ve moved house 10 times in 15 years. They get to stay in this house forever


Indians. Specifically Indian chefs.

Indian food is alright, but they seem to have replaced Asians as the go to chef for every food type around.

I’ve been craving a good old fashioned Milk Bar hamburger with the lot (no pineapple), but everywhere these days is American smash burgers in fucking brioche buns. Gave a charcoal chicken place a run for lunch today, and they absolutely nailed the assignment. Not an Aussie working, just three Indians.

And to top it off he signed off with a “cheersmatehaveagoodday” after handing me my food.

10/10 will be back again.


There’s a burger place in Tamworth that’s awesome.
They used to run out of a food truck on the side of the main road.

Just a couple of indian blokes, they were so successful that they had to open a proper restaurant.

God, I thought I’d clicked on the “grinds my gears” thread… Was about to say something…


First half was definitely leaning towards a gear grinder. Pulled it back and smashed top corner for lubrication in the end .


What’s it called? I might check them out next time I’m up there.

Oh, so not a burger with the lot then… :smirk:


Burger bulls

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I was well in the Paulska camp there for a while!

A few of the pubs I worked at had Nepalese chefs.
Absolute workhorses who don’t have the arrogance or temper of Australian chefs, take more pride in their work and punch out a proper curry in winter.
They’re also really good at being able to find their own staff, much like the Thai girls we used to have in the gaming room.

I used to work the line in a restaurant/cafe in the CBD… We had a Nepalese kitchenhand who was an absolute weapon. Losing him on a shift was way more of a loss than any other member of the brigade. His way of asking for a toilet break was “Chef… I need to piss out my dick.” It still gets a run with me to this day.


Had a Nepalese warehouse assistant once. Boss got him to try blue cheese.

I don’t think they come from a cheese culture.

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Never heard this version before. Really like it.

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That’s better!

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