First gear lubrication on the new forum

Realised my router’s Quality of Service setting has been throttling the shit out of my internet for the last 6 months. Disabled that shit and went from 27mbps down to 145mbps.

Screaming Trees


Gave them a whirl while reading Lanegan’s book. Underrated for sure.

Back to Sydney confirmed for July :smiling_face_with_tear:


First afternoon at the RB Arena this afternoon. Full strength beer by the litre ftw :beers:. €16 for GA safe standing in the corner. Scenes.


That’s definitely going to lubricate.

Finding a supportive workplace.

I left the hospital I was working at last year and have started this year in a hospital 15 minutes from my house, working in ICU and have found workmates who actually support each other.
I’m loving having 1 or 2 patients at the most, extra staff to check if you need help with anything.
And also working 12 hour shifts for the first time. Only need to work 3 days a week.

If your patient is sedated you don’t even need to talk to them.




I wanna be sedated.



Was literally explaining to the wife I needed a holiday, but not even a holiday. I just needed to be sedated for a week so I didn’t have to think.

Your time to shine @Higdawg


How about a holiday in Cambodia?



This is my 2nd week. Off to work now. I like the 3 shifts a week. Not sure about the 12hr days!

How is it? Are the competence levels bearable?

It does also include a catheter, ngt and bed bathes.

I guess sif that’s your kind of thing

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Days only? That’s pretty sweet

Yeah. You can’t do nights till you get more experience in ICU and I think my roster is already done out till May on days only.

It’s like the twilight zone.

Riley McGree had a great time in Cambodia. He’d recommend it.

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It’s casual, if I can get a few months out of it I’ll be happy. I do have a few jobs open on the browser to apply for thou.

Competence levels seem really good. Going from just myself and anyone we got in I had to teach to on a team with 10 forkies who can all drive is very nice. And only having to worry about what’s in front of me instead of what three or four teams are doing for the first time in a long time is fucking nice.

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I’m in

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My son’s best mate goes to a school in Canberra that has a football academy program.
That is sponsored by Sydney FC.

He’s a Melbourne victory fan.

He has to wear a jersey with the Sydney logo on it to school and matches :sweat_smile: