General A-League Discussion Thread


Could have put this in the west melbourne thread (or expansion) but it affects the league as a whole and we lack a thread for those things that are worth discussing but dont need their own tread:

Heading to a 26 game season for 19/20 with everyone playing each other twice plus three extra. you can bet our extras are going to be wanderers, victory and someone else (City?).


do the old split the league in half thing.

top 5 play for standings and bottom 6 battle it out for the 6th spot for the finals.


Should have just put Macarthur in next season rather than faff about for the sake of the basket case that is WSW.


So true, but then why make things simple?


Problem with that is it sets up previews of finals matches just before the finals and that puts people off.


Brisbane for the one-sided Queensland - NSW rivalry would be my bet.

Which makes me curious about who gets the softest run with their three extra games. Playing in an actual derby and against Victory, on paper, present two more difficult games whereas a team like Newcastle or Brisbane don’t really have any particular rivalries against good teams.

On paper Victory having to presumably play us, City and Adelaide would be the toughest combo of rival and derby games. I think we’d probably be second if only because the Sydney derby, even though it is one sided, is still a pretty draining game.


Nah Victory would get City, WMG and us. Theyll use Victory to pump up WMG.


While I agree in principle, is 12 teams really any easier? 22 games isn’t enough and 33 is too many. I think we’ll be stuck with this format until we get at least 14 teams.


Oh yeah of course, that’s pretty obvious in retrospect.


Misread the article. Its three extra home and away games- so 6 extra games. Hopefully thats play 6 teams not play some teams 4 times and others two


That’s actually a really good idea. Ensures a bunch of meaningful matchups at the backend of the season plus a few surefire blockbusters.


Would that not turn into a scheduling nightmare with the mixed availability of grounds at that point in the season?


I would prefer, and can fully see happening, the FFA to have no clear policy on how the draw will be comprised. The result will be matches scheduled on the run, teams expected to play 2 away games less than 72 hours apart, kick-offs scheduled for 10pm on a Tuesday night in regional centres and a team drawn to play either themselves or North Queensland Fury on more than 1 occasion. The only constant will be the FFA and all other parties, relevant or not it’s up to Mack, nipping in the bud any semblance of NWSW success while continuing their conspiracy with the Illuminati and Reptilian overlords to ensure our success.


I think it’s an awesome idea for the bottom half but for the top it’s redundant because we have a finals series and just end up playing each other to death.


Play for an automatic ACL spot and the qualification spot. Its the model many Sth Amercian countries use. Then the top four can play a semi and grand final