General A-League Discussion Thread


Seriously?? You need to remove this post.


Relax, he means the Catholic Church.


Or the LNP


Worth it for the inflatable pope mobile races at half time. We’d have to keep an eye on the ball boys though

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The days when paedophilia was a “joke” is many many days in the past. Thankfully

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Jets v WU not bad. Nice goal from O’Donavan on the half hour with telling contribution from Bernie


Yeh i went on the weekend while walking home after quite a few drinks. I couldn’t believe how piss poor average and small it was, plus its far from cheap. How are they surviving ?


I’ve found it’s hit and miss. Sometimes the one on Silverwater rd in Silverwater has them good and sometimes bad. I miss when the chili sauce was actually chili…


That’s why I prefer Ogalo - good chili sauce and whole egg mayo.


Their Newtown and Glebe stores have closed this year so maybe they’re not


Newtown store is still open. They were just closed for an extended period during lockdown. That place is rubbish though, used to always go there at the end of a night out but the quality got so low we stopped bothering.


Oportos went downhill when they opened their 2nd store.

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Franchising food leads to evil

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Kebab shop across the road or nothing!


Both Mariners and Jets now seemingly in big financial trouble with potential for both licences handed back. Cant see the current climate allowing for both teams to be kept afloat. Back to a 10 team league? Relocations?


It begins…


Or ends I guess.

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This would be a great move, creating a stronger safety net to replace the FFA.

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It worked for the MLS.