General A-Leagues Women’s Discussion Thread

Fwiw I know the guy personally and he is 100% the ex-coach’s brother. IMO he is not a fan “from the Qld Roar days”, but is close enough that I wouldn’t doubt what he is saying


Nearly 4000 showed up in Bathurst to watch WSW come from behind to down Jets 2-1

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The NRL round last year got 11,000. Not bad.

It helps that there’s a women’s football tournament on in Bathurst this weekend.

It’s fortuitous that the game was postponed to last night from the beginning of the season than.

Cause our admins are not smart enough to have lined it all up to begin with.

Put a WLeague game on at the same time a women’s tourney is in that town? Madness!

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WUN with this win only behind City on GD.

Edit: No, I was adding to live table at 2-all. 1 behind.

I too am switching between threads. :sweat_smile:

Victory just put 3 killing blows to Wanderers within 13 minutes.

Good, but a 0-0 draw would have been better. It puts the lady shames within a point of us, albeit with a game in hand vs Canberra.

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M. Morris equalised for the Wanderers at 90 +7.

What was Super Fan thinking!? :sweat_smile:

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That assist from Ibini was niiiiice

There could be a third… Deserved win, can’t see WU scoring twice.

Well, look at that.

2 points behind WU with a game in hand for premiers.


With Vine stuff in our game and CCM celebrations, it’s a happy Dub weekend.

Holy crap, what a terrific set of results for Sydney FCW this weekend.
Newcastle just about keep their finals hopes alive with a massive away win at Western and in so doing, have left Sydney out in front with a game in hand.

Plus the Mariners being in the mix for their first season back is good for them and the league.

Thumping victory to them, Badawiya on fire. If we finally do lose Vine to the WSL, she’d be a natural replacement.

We play Adelaide (who’s 11th) next on Sunday, but they also have a Wednesday midweek game in Wellington this week.

Western play WSW in Parramatta who are 6th and up for keeping finals position.

Our catch up game against Canberra is next weeks Wednesday in Canberra.

Things are looking good!

City play Mariners. Huge weekend for womens coming up.

Rough afternoon for Adelaide at home today, they’re down 7-0 to Newcastle with another 15 minutes left to go.

Sydney 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼 Wanderers
Needing/Wanting us to beat Victory on Sunday

Congrats to Jets. They’re officially in the 6.

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