General A-Leagues Women’s Discussion Thread

We obviously need the win tomorrow to guarantee the plate, but what an incredible upside if we don’t. Wests have still only made finals that one time they had Lynn Williams for 5 minutes, right?

Very nice for the Malau-Aduli sisters. (Id twins) to both officiate in the match.

Within all the havoc, there’s always plenty of good news stories in our leagues.


Kyah Simon and Amy Harrison currently on Ready Steady Cook on Ten

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Mariners beat the Lady Shame’s on penno’s. :clinking_glasses:



The graphic keeping track of the penalties is the highlight of my television year.


Pretty sure game is at Gosford next Saturday evening

We’ve heard it will be Sunday 545

And so it is. Apologies for the furphy.

Sunday up the coast is a bit of a challenge.

Thank god our bogey team is out


Sunday at 5:45pm is a ridiculous time for anyone to travel up there.

Canberra just got a funding increase from the local government confirmed.


Nux women have picked up a six figure transfer fee for the Tiktok star:

This is fantastic news. Should we read between the lines and assume this means the ALM team isn’t going to be ready to admit next season? If not, there’s going to be two separate entities, financially at least…

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Heads up that the girl’s semi has been moved forward to 3pm on Sunday. Mariners men’s game rescheduled to 1 May because of their flight delays.

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Were they flying back through Dubai?

Flooded. Now flying back through Turkey. Won’t arrive home until Saturday afternoon

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I guess we won’t get Mariners and Nux playing their last game simultaneously after all. Great news for the ALW semi, though. 3pm is a much better time.