General Australian Football Thread

If the players were happy to go, the clubs wouldn’t really have a reason to complain

First of all we should remember we’re talking about rumours. The way football in this country works that could be a kitman from one club whining and someone decides oh that’s juicy and posts it on twitter.

Otherwise of course they do. Clubs usually will grab at any straw where they think they might be able to get a slight edge. They’ll lie, cheat, steal, & cry about anything they can. I mean look at Rudan and co. That mob either genuinely think there is a conspiracy against them or think that stirring up that idea will gain them something. Doesn’t mean it’s right or that they should be doing that.

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Perfectly balanced team


Machach has been rubbish every time I have sen him.

7 goals, 5 assists in 27 games is a pretty decent season

How far over the cap would this team be, I wonder?

Needs more Maxy

About half of them against us. :sweat:

Machach is very tidy, just inconsistent

A 2-5-3. Fuck me dead!

Welcome to Consadole Hokkaido Sapporo!

Maybe, 1, 6, 3.

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Cant beat ahving 5 10s

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From 2 million to 1 million apparently.

Bring back Lowy

How Matthews isn’t in that team…

This is essential viewing

It’s also a frustratingly vague description

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Wait, is this the salary cap being reduced to 1 mill per season?

The central funding distribution from APL is being cut, so clubs needs to make up the difference from other revenue streams or the owners need to dig deeper into their pockets to wear losses.

At least this time the dumb cunts have brought it on themselves and can’t go blaming FFA / FA etc