General Australian Football Thread

They need to go to Optus Sport with a game a week on some random FTA channel. Surely they will offer more than the crappy Paramount offer. More people would probably watch it as well………plus it actually you know fucking works

There’s at least a bit more competition for live streaming now

Optus wouldn’t pay enough money to make the league viable back when we lost the Foxtel deal, what makes you think they are going to pay more than we’ll get from P+ now?

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If nobody else takes on the broadcast costs, there’s no way Optus will touch it. How else did they get the EPL in the first place?

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I hate the thought of a Grand Final down in Melbourne.

Mariners vs Wellington in Gosford would be a great fun Grand Final if the worst should happen and Sydney bomb out in the semis. It might be the first neutral grand final I would ever consider attending.

It’s a good move, they can even charge $$$ for tickets in Gosford and it’d still probably sell out and keep the fans onside.

I hate the thought of Victory hosting the GF, whether we play in it or not. Still mad at City for their pissweak efforts last week.

I’d almost rather a fun CCM vs Wellington GF than the stress of us playing Melbourne over there.

Top of the league


By over 20%. Much as we dislike them we really need the Victory to sort their shit out and get more people through the doors again. The Mariners getting more than Brisbane is shameful on the ownership & management up north.


If large parts of their fanbase weren’t absolute fuckheads, the more moderate parts of the filth fanbase would probably turn up and help with the crowd numbers.


Excellent revival from the Mariners, which is good to see though. Crowds have looked good this season, and an only be built on with their success.

Crazy how Newcastle have better crowds than Brisbane. I know the APL have said they can’t afford to bankroll another club after the Jets, but the Bakeries have been as cancerous for the Roar as Clive Palmer was for Gold Coast. Literally running them on the concept of a smell of an oily rag.

Having said that, they never had great crowds during their hey day did they? Whilst I’ve never been, Suncorp strikes me as being similar to Homebush in that it’s a giant cavernous echo chamber unless it’s 85% full.

Leckie being chosen for the A-League Allstarts despite playing 610 minutes all season…

Hope for Rodwell yet…


Just get some kids at some each end of the ground to film it on their phones. Probably do a better job.

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Their audio feed will be better than listening to Andy Harper any day.


Lolley, JGR and Caceras all getting into the team of the year squad


It’s really impressive for JGR, especially considering he’s missed a few


And impressive for Lolley considering he’s had a few!


Seems like three Macarthur players have just been arrested for alleged betting corruption.

3 games against us plus one against Victory