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If they are Macarthur players then it’s easy to figure out who the 33yo is.
There’s 3 players aged 32 and 4 players aged 27 in their squad.

Can we investigate the refs for red card manipulation? It’d actually make a shitload of sense at least


With the scourge of gambling so strong in this country, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is also a thing.

Having said that, the police need to have enough information to proceed with an investigation, and obviously there is no, or not enough, evidence at this stage.

If they are Macarthur players then it’s easy to figure out who the 33yo is.
There’s 3 players aged 32 and 4 players aged 27 in their squad.

If it’s really the 33-year old Macarthur player then it’s really shocking and sad… given the personal circumstances of that player.


The article says they’re expected to be charged. Doesn’t it seem reasonable to think the police have some evidence in that case?

Will be interesting to see what FA decides to do if they’re convicted. Surely they’d have to take a points penalty into next season. Minus 3 for each affected match?

I’m more referring to investigating match officials. Clearly they have evidence to proceed with charges in the Macarthur case.

I don’t know if they’d lose points, but you’d think if charges stuck, the players involved would be banned for at least two years.


Well this is pretty fucked up. The last thing the league needs.

ABC news confirms Davila has been arrested:

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Shit I always liked Davilla

That’s fucked, such a stupid thing to do and jeapordising not just their own livelihoods but also the livelihoods of anyone who relies on this league for a job. So fucking stupid.

Whatever the ban is there’s also the point of “which club would touch them after that?”. Likely career ending.

Davila being involved is a shocker, he’s on marquee money so not exactly short of a crust.

At least it’s a scandal that doesn’t involve assault against women.

I also dont care if bookies get ripped off. Shit for the integrity of the league though.


Does FIFA have a mandatory ban for this sort of stuff? I remember a Keeper in England lost his job after there was a bet on whether he would eat a meat pie during the game. He did so and got kicked out

Interesting that in the game against us on 9/12 there was a 32yo player from their club that got a yellow.
There were 2 27yo’s that got a yellow as well.

It would very much be completing a spectacular fall from grace for the 27yo if it is the Australian player.

After a quick look at the games in the period stated, it’s easy to narrow it down significantly.

There’s two names I’m placing my bets on…

I’ll get my coat.


I just had at the yellows from that game and I’d say the other 27 year old who was carded looks more likely (just from the nature & context of the foul).

The 32 year old and 33 year old though… well it makes you question every card you see where you say “why the fuck would you do that?”.

Does the 32yo have outstanding parking tickets that may have necessitated the extra-curricular income stream?

This was my thinking too.

There was one more yellow card to a 27 yo against MV that falls within the period stated. Although their circumstances have changed for a few months now.

The suburbs stated were also my clue as to who I think the other two arrested players are. Could be wrong but let’s see.

This isn’t great news but it’s pretty interesting, I’m sure as indicated above I wouldn’t mind watching the replay of those games with a focus on the players that end up being named. Something to do in the off season.

Davilla doing this is odd but maybe he lost himself when his wife died and went off the rails a bit.

Surely they will be banned from the league for a few years at least? Probably ruling Davilla out of ever playing again here.