Grand Final - Perth Stadium Sunday 19 May


Also a note for everyone coming over.
The HBF Run for a Reason fun run is on Sunday morning.
There a bunch of road closures in the CBD in the morning.
Check the website HBF Run for a Reason - Road closure maps when you get to your hotel to see if it will affect you.


Massive thanks to Jubal and Sponsor. Will definitely be partaking in both pre and post game festivities. Top work, much appreciated, beers are owed, etc etc.

Can. Not. Wait.


Don’t forget to pack your memberships. Quality stuff from the club organising a meet and greet on the Sat night. Check your emails for details. :+1:


Damn, won’t be in Perth yet. Cool initiative


Compared to $18 pints in Singapore, I’m virtually making money to drink!


I can see Optus Stadium from the balcony of my Airbnb, it’s all getting real now.


Evening all, just arrived and grabbed the first beverage in the Wild West,locals so far friendly enough… This will be one weekend to remember!

Specially wanted to say thank you to all the volunteer effort by so many individuals in this group to organise trips, Tifos, venues and Cove merchandise, you make supporting this fine club a dream state!

We have had some lows as a club, and will again, but that feels oh so far away at the moment - absolutely buzzing for this, bring it on Glory boys! Australia is Sky Blue.


So I just got back from doing the Burswood Peninsula Park run which runs around the park next to Optus stadium.
Ran it in my Sydney jersey and finished first.
I’m taking that as a sign.


fuck that, he makes his own


Quiet, you!


There was a horse running at Mudgee today called Ibini. It came first.
In the same race there was also a horse called Taking Liberties.
Just saying…


Any progressives wanna grab East Perth election pints tonight?


Will be at embargo bar for a few before the meet n greet at the Crowne if you are about.


Entire row of seats to myself on the plane.
This shit is real people!


Give yourself time to travel. Heaps of closed roads and stuff due to some running event. I’m just scoping out crown casino now. Shit has gotten real!!


There was a big Sydney fc fan on my fly flight next to an elderly couple. Nice guy and felt sorry for him no space in those little jetstar seats

  • Beat Melbourne so bad that Kevin Muscat is giving up on coaching.
  • Ended Šantalab’s career in the most humiliating way.
  • Sent Tony Popović 0/4 in Grand Finals.
  • The guy we got back when Vedran snaked us wins us a title.
  • Corica has a title as a captain and a coach.
  • Brosque ends his career lifting the toilet seat.

Could it have been better?


could Also add - robbed of a legit goal in a game where there were precious few chances


Take liberties lads!!! Give Blasta an arseblasting from all of us!!!


Nope. Plug that penalty into my veins. May it haunt him until his death bed.