Grand Final - Perth vs Sydney FC - 19/05/19 - Match thread


Isn’t that in Freo?


Come on lads, get into them. Fuck em up etc




A pox on Qantas…delayed , and delayed again…


I never fly with them but this time was forced to in order to avoid a red eye back. Never again.


I never use them for work, and wouldn’t touch them on overseas flights (esp as I do Bus Class o’s and theirs is awful) but it was the only reasonable option this week. All this BS even before we get on and cop attitude from a menopausal flight attendant still bitter about being bumped off the International routes…


QF581 cancelled. We are now going via Adelaide.

Announcement soon, but jump queue to service desk now if you can folks… :wink:


Only 2,500 tickets left apparently:


They changed back to “delayed”, then changed the plane to a smaller one, shunted people off flight, changed config…all without an announcement. Only now have they announced all that and some SFC folk have been here, getting shunted from even 8am flights, only to now be told they have to go via Adelaide…or get on a 4:30 flight or whatever. Absolute cunts.



This is why I don’t fly on game day. Imagine it was tomorrow morning?


Arnie, Clarky , Slater, Gatty, Danny Townsend, Garby…all got dumped on my 2 hr late flight…and into economy seats because they’ve put it from an Airbus to a tiny 737…Jesus Qantas are gonna get shamed for this…:joy:


Oh,and O’Rourke head of A-League…


Was a bit worried about Siem De Jong calling in sick for training mid week, but it looks like he trained in Perth today. Hope the rest of the squad handle him with caution, like an expensive wine glass he is classy but fragile.


Nah he’s like a rental car now. We just need 90 minutes or so of quality from him. If Ajax get him back with the engine smoking and covered in dents, then it’s regrettable but doesn’t matter deep down.


This is talking about presenting it to the fans back here in Sydney - nothing about them holding back the trophy on GF night.


Alright boys, we have to win tomorrow or this will be the most fucked weekend in a long time.


So now I goto deal with smug liberal voters & quietly smug glory fans :sweat_smile:


Nerves kicking in. Tomorrow is fucken grand final day!!! Best day of the year, or the worst day. COME ON LADS bring number 4 home


Need catharsis tomorrow. Let’s bloody do them.


Perth get their favourite shitty political party and we get the seat. Seems fair.

Just got into town. This place is like the lovechild of Canberra and North Sydney (minus the harbour views).