HAL Finals #FeelTheFinals

With Adelaides result the top six is set bar some crazy results from Nux and City.

  1. Perth Glory
  2. Sydney FC
  3. Melbourne Victory
  4. Adelaide United
  5. Wellington Phoenix
  6. Melbourne City.

Which means first week of the finals is:
Melbourne Victory vs Melbourne City
Adelaide United vs Wellington Phoenix

Victory havent beaten City this season. Adelaide recently beat Nux 3-1 at home (prior results 0-0 and 3-1 win to Adelaide).

Ill predict semis of
Perth Glory vs Adelaide United
Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory.

And from there, because Im am optimist, a Glory/Victory final

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FC v WellyNUX is my GF…

Have the club confirmed where our semi final will be played?

It’s up to the FFA because it’s the finals.

My bet is they will be too scared to go with Bankwest like they should

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I assume FFA have been waiting until week 1 fixtures are sorted before announcing them all together.

And you never know, they may also be waiting until West’s have played their last game before announcing ours at Wankfest… :pray:

I’ve been saying for months now that we will play victory in the semi and we will win.

I have a weird feeling City will beat MV.

FFA seem intent on sticking any grand final we may host at ANZ. From Bossi…

Empty House

There could be plenty of empty seats at the A-League grand final if Sydney FC host the decider. The Hairdryer understands FFA has ruled the game will be played at ANZ Stadium.

Should premiers Perth Glory fail to reach the final and Sydney FC qualify as the top-ranked team, the decider will almost certainly take place at the 83,000-capacity venue in Olympic Park, despite it not including a drawcard opponent. The Sky Blues could only face Adelaide United, Wellington Phoenix or Melbourne City in a home grand final, none of which would likely draw significant away support.

Nevertheless, FFA will resist the urge to hold the match at Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta, with that venue set to become the permanent home of the Wanderers – despte the fact Western Sydney played their 2013 home grand final at Allianz Stadium, the former home of Sydney FC, which is now being demolished.

An a league grand final in ANZ (unless a derby or perhaps the victory - and even that is a stretch) is laughable… showpiece event in front of 30,000 empty seats.


On the plus side, i will be in a box if that does happen

We’ll be lucky to half fill ANZ if we host it. I’d almost be tempted to give it a miss out of spite for the FFA.

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would not be surprised if City knock out MV. They always lift for that game.

Absolutely we should play our semifinal at Wankbest.

But for the GF if we host it we should aim high and play at ANZ. I think we’ll see a lot of SFC fans come out of the woodwork for it. We prob wont sell it out but I could see 60-70k attending.

But I cant see Perth crashing out before the GF anyway. I think we’ll have to win the hard way.

Same. I sat out ROSPROD this year anticipating traveling in finals instead. And we’re due to win one on the road.

The ffa in their infinite wisdom have set our semi for kogarah at 7pm Sunday

Appears to be no Saturday games in the finals? All Friday & Sunday r

Pretty sure it was the same last year. I don’t get why we give up the Saturday night.

Doesn’t it give Sydney longer rest post champions league?

I can also see Wellington beating Adelaide. Could be Sydney vs Wellington and Perth vs city semi finals

Unlikely scenario, but if a Joyce-led City put a hatful past the Mariners tonight, Rudan has an interesting decision to make. Does he give in to his competitive pride and try to get the best result possible in Perth, or would he be (sorta) happy for Perth to do enough to knock them down to sixth? Welly have been way more comfortable playing Victory this season than Adelaide.

Kurto and Krishna on the bench…

Just saw the result. Not surprised. I think Welly will fancy themselves against the Victory. City will fancy themselves against Adelaide. Wouldn’t be hugely surprised to see a second week of Perth vs Welly and Sydney vs Melb City.