HAL Finals #FeelTheFinals

So predictions for tonight? I’m thinking Melbourne win but I think the Nux will push them to extra time.

Evil 3-0
Adelaide on pens after a 1-1

Nux 3 - 1
Heart 1 - 0

Wellington 2-1
City in pens 0-0

Would love Wellington to get the win but cannot see it happening

Adelaide v City is so uninspiring i couldn’t give two shits

Je Suis Welly.


Love the Nux to get up but I think Victory will win 3-1

So has anyone explained why the hell we are having Sunday night finals this season?

Who do we prefer to face - MV, Adelaide or City?

I saw on twitter some quoting of Greg O’Rourke saying something about viewer metrics or some other such shit. The stupid fuck.
I understand the Sunday makes sense with the ACL that week, but making it an evening match is the fucking pits for anyone with a typical job, kids or both.

Adelaide or City doesn’t matter as they’re both perfectly beatable. Victory will be tough but I don’t dread them. We played really well in the last game, as well as that second half on Australia Day where we just couldn’t finish. Really, the game is winnable against whoever we have to face.

Would think you’ll have more people watching on Fox. Finals football will more likely attract casual viewers on TV from throughout most of Australia, rather than just interstate supporters watching their team play away. Fans going to games will still most likely go and I’d guess there would be a minor drop in attendance, compared to if it was on a Sat. At the end of the day, to the FFA, they’re assuming that no one wants to miss the game.

On another note, how fucking typical is the FFA stating that Finals football will give the a-league the boost it needs. Do fuck all, all year, book some stadiums for games and take credit for the attendance. Pricks…

I feel like other years we’ve complained about games being on Saturday’s because it clashes with weekend warriors finishing at 5pm or later and struggling to get there.

I don’t mind the Fri / Sun split, the Sunday games are just too late at 7pm but that’s obviously dictated by Fox’s prime viewership time. Meh.

As a neutral the 7pm Sunday is perfect.

As a fan it annoys me.

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I can totally see Wellington winning this.

And it’s glorious!

Bored at work. Saw this as a team of the season.

Disagreed a fair bit. Here’s mine.

La Fondre    Krishna

Ikonimidis Castro
Kilkenny B’O’neill
Davidson Lowry Schenkveld Grant

Brandon in the second deeper midfield spot is a bit up in the air, but otherwise…

Cacace & Toivonen just miss out.

Grant Schenkveld Lowry Davidson
Kilkenny O’Neill

Bench: Redmayne, Miller, DeLaet, Troisi, Ola

This is getting pretty close, but I think Ninkovic gets in ahead of Troisi and Franjic or Cacace ahead of Miller. Reddy might even get a spot on the bench ahead of Redmayne given Perth’s enviable defensive record.

No room for Steven “undeniably the best midfielder in the league” Ugarkovic? :rofl:

Troisi on the bench is a no-no.
It’s notable that from the evil mob down South, after their “best team in the universe” performance in that game vs Wests, no-one has ended up making these lists. If anyone from them is worth a shout it’s Barbarousses, though as good as he’s been, the other forwards people have chosen have put a better case forward.

I concur with mental. It’s tough to spot a noticebale difference between Redmayne and Reddy. Redmayne is the most improved keeper by far, but Reddy has been part of a title-winning squad. That said, I haven’t been massively impressed with Reddy this season. Like Redmayne, Reddy has still had some pretty ordinary moments.