HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


Yeah they really lacked a midfield presence to protect the backline and also act as a base of attacks. They had nothing close to a Brillante/O’Neill/Kilkenny/Juande.


Adelaide without Isaias would feel odd.

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City interested in Janjetovic sums up that club to a tee.

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Following the rumoured signings of Roy ODonovan and Aldred, Roar now linked to this guy:


I fail to see how he would offer more than some NPL players, though that is an admirable number of goals for a midfielder lately.


Please tell me that these guys are going to be a higher standard than the 2005 NZ Knights imports…


I’d be very nervous if I had the misfortune of being a Brisbane fan.


I think on paper, it’s not too bad. Most players in the A-League would not be good enough to play much, if at all, in the top two tiers of English football. It’s what Fowler does with these players that matters a lot more.

Aldred, in particular, might be a decent signing to watch out for. Bury signed him but probably had to loan him out because they were having huge financial troubles. He seems to have played regularly for Motherwell in the Scottish Premiership in the last 18 months.


It sure would. I was trying to think of who I’d have in my best A-League XI and he was the first name I thought of as a DM. Such a good player and leader for the club.

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Agreed, top player. Horrible dirty, divey, whiny bastard though.

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Top 3 tiers.

A good chunk, the top 4.


Looks to me like they will have a core of slightly above HAL average players from the UK and kids. High risk as not all of the imports will hit the ground running. If they had hired him earlier he could have had a crack at getting some better locals.


I don’t think he’s missed out too much on better locals. Some clubs have had a huge clean-out, including Brisbane. I’d say there’s plenty of opportunities for him to get some decent players.

It also seems to be that the start of the independent A-League is leaving a lot of people uncertain on how things are going to play out, and they’re waiting to see what they intend to do before proceeding. It has been spoken about during Foxtel coverage, so there must be a real feeling of unease among players in particular.


I dunno.

I would expect that most players starting for an A-League title aspirant would be good enough (in terms of quality, setting aside ability to adapt to the style/culture/country/etc.) to play in the Championship.

The better domestic players have generally always been able to hold their own at Championship level, and even comparing the current Aussie crop over there (Meredith, Williams, Wright, Luongo, Irvine) to top domestic players in those positions (Lowry, Spira, Wilko, Grant, O’Neill, Antonis) it’s thereabouts.

A competitive side should have at least 2-3 such players plus 3-4 foreigners at that level or better.

If Brisbane wants to be competitive but is spending multiple foreign spots on League One/Two level players who’ve never even earnt a look in at Championship standard, then their ability to pick a diamond from the rough had better be spot on. Other teams are importing foreigners from Eredivisie, Bundesliga, La Liga.


The other issue is the vastly different conditions. There are a certain % of Europeans who struggle with the heat and hard pitches. If you bring 4 over and 2 can’t handle it you have a huge gap in your squad.

Calling it now. They wont make finals.


Huge call. I have them nailed on for the spoon.

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I’m convinced Wests will get the spoon. Call it gamblers fallacy but CCM cant be shit forever and Babbel is a fraud.

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Agreed. Babbel will be gone by Christmas and guys like Schwegler and whoever else come over to play for him will want out after that.
Kevin Muscat to be appointed as his successor?


Dear Santa, I dont ask for much but please make this happen.


Muscat’s going to Qatar isn’t he? In time for him to be sacked there and come back to WSW.