HAL Transfers and Rumours 19/20


put it this way, Wisla Krakow, traditionally a strong team, recently had Blasczykowski rejoin. He fronted all the back pay wages for the entire team to keep them playing. They’re 9th in the league. Plock is a real contender for relegation. The second division in Poland is quite rough and the wages are low in the lower leagues.


McGing is a handy player but has not been getting any time on the field any move would be a move up for him.

There is a massive clear out going on at the moment at CCM, even old merchandise.

No replacement for the absent director of football.

No new signings for next year with only 5 contracted players left on the books.

No communications from the Club for weeks.

It is starting to look sinister.


Gosford - Macarthur mariners?


Possibly Lake Burley Griffin Mariners.

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Auckland & Gosford Mariners?

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East Gosford Rams with Matty Simon returning home as marquee?


Perth want to sign McGree for next season. Would be his fourth A-League club at 21


Jai Ingham to Central Coast for next season to replace Pain.


Poor ccm, at least their promo pictures will be pretty I guess?


What a fall from grace. From Spurs to Seria C to Wanderers


I remember being really excited for him when he signed for Swansea. Time has not looked happily on that excitement.


In the middle of that was a two-year stint in the fifth tier of English football. He failed miserably at the Victory just before that. Western Suburbs better hope for their sake he is on minimum wage.

EDIT: He’s an injury replacement for O’Doherty so he probably is on minimum wage.


Big fan of the name Gallifuoco. Reads like a latin “fire chicken”.


Lol. What a shit signing. Why bother when you aren’t making the finals? Just play a kid.


Ah another Western Sydney boy returns home, he’s from checks notes Waverley?


Well it’s west of something. Bronte, right?


Well it is West of Bronte…


Babalj to Roar as injury replacement:

I feel like he just crops up for the last 3 months of every A-League season before disappearing again.

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Not great for Charles


Charles wasn’t anywhere near starting for them anyway, was he? I’m not sure how much he was even on the bench for them.