HAL Transfers and Rumours 1914-18 (the Gavrilo Princip error code)

I thought the league was going broke and the clubs were going to cut the wage cap in half… /sarcasm


Looks like his last game was 7 mins off the bench on 2/4/23 in the Belgian third division. And last game before that was 90 mins on 8/1/23.

27yo and only appeared in 101 games.

I know that the clubs have less money to spend but I think they can still aim higher than this when signing visa players.

Are they scraping the errr… bottom of the barrel?

I feel he might be the butt of a few jokes.

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I can picture the headline right now.

Anas Prepared For Perth

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Loose Anas causes problems for Perth backline.

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Whilst on paper he seems shit, I wont wipe Anas off completely with amount of shit ticket players the Mariners signed on paper that turned out to be alright.

Except for that dude who turned out to be a rapist (allegedly).

I think some of these gambles are worth trying out in this league. Berisha came at a similar age wth similar appearances.

To be fair the rapist (allegedly) turned out to be pretty good as well

Harper saying Hiroki Sakai to Auckland on the Socceroos coverage just now

That would be a great signing

Ananás = pineapple in Portuguese. I’m sure you’re all too mature to ring in more puns.


Totti loves Anas on his pizza, or maybe on the side


So you’re saying Totti likes Anas in his mouth?

Is it the taste or the texture he craves?

Huge fan of putting pineapple on a pepperoni pizza because I love sausage and anas combining

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I wasn’t going to comment. Butt fuck it. I hope he gets his own version of the welcome cupcake…