HAL Transfers and Rumours 1914-18 (the Gavrilo Princip error code)

Hopefully they’ve still got that Rudan Judas banner they can dust off for Rojas’s return.

Huge loss for Mariners. Hope it is overseas and not Coty as rumoured

Especially given Balard has already left.

Some big holes in that starting lineup now. Balard, Nisbet, Hall, Vukovic.

Torres & Barcellos free up some visa spots but that’s the the majority of the spine gone. Kaltak has been linked away too right?

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Kaltak linked to a move to India. From the GF side there are five confirmed departures so far:

Roux Hall Kaltak Farrell
Doka Balard Tapp Theoharous
Nisbet Kuol

Di Pizio

Vukovic, Hall, Balard, Nisbet, Reec and Barcellos all gone to date. Only Reec to another ALM club, and in his case he was only with us on loan. Others potentially still to go. [edit - and Hall!]

Don’t forget about that Columbian fella whose still on the books.

Hall is still in ALM.


Don’t fuck with Colombians and their “o”.

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Good point!

I think his contract expired - unless he exercised the option in his contract he said he wasn’t going to exercise. He remains suspended indefinitely as I understand.

As a Polish person, this name completely does my head in

Ben Old has joined AS Saint-Étienne


You must hate the Honor Harrington books then…

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Duncan going to Melbourne is really shocking. Surely they have a better option in their academy? I presume that while he’s not going to be super expensive, he’s going to set them back more than an internal promotion

Rojas (21 appearances in 2 seasons for Wellington, 119 appearances in 6 seasons for Melbourne, 8 appearances in 1 season for Brisbane) and Kosta (98 appearances in 6 seasons for Wellington, 127 appearances in 5 seasons for Melbourne, 33 appearances in 1 season for Brisbane) are club team-mates for the first time since 2009-10.

Should they take the field together, it will be their first ALM appearance together since Rojas came on as a 90’ sub in Gosford for NYE 2009.

It would be their 4th such appearance after:

  • Rojas was a 73’ sub against Central Coast in Wellington
  • Rojas came on at 64’ in Adelaide, and Kosta came off at 76’
  • The above-mentioned NYE game.

They haven’t even accumulated a half hour of ALM regular time together.

Surely I’ve missed something? It is weirdly satisfying that they’ve been treated by multiple clubs as completely interchangeable this whole time.


Man, Honor got done dirty.

“Alfie, how high are you?”
“No, It’s hi, how are you?”

Looks like a decent signing. Mariners can’t be that poorly off if they’re splashing their Champions League cash on a player.

Also with Ryan Edmondson coming from Carlisle United last season, do the club have some sort of non-official partnership with them? Or is has Mark Jackson just got a Leeds United - Carlisle United thing going on?

Both players were Leeds academy players when Jacko was in charge

Not quite