HAL Transfers and Rumours 20/21

Do people prefer one long thread or yearly ones? Happy to have this moved back to the last one if thats preferred

I’ll kick off the new thread with a very decent signing from Macarthur


Handy signing in all sorts of ways. From wikipedia:

‘In addition to his native English, Šušnjar can also speak Serbian, Lithuanian, Czech and Romanian.’
That is some spread of language groups and includes a couple of really difficult languages.

Matt Millars off to League One

Izzo joins half the HAL in the Greek second division.

League one? Jesus. I thought he had some talent - guess combine that with the exodus to the second tier of greek football and you see where the A-league stands in world football

Its a short loan deal till January


Not gonna lie, disappointed Bill didn’t give us the heads up on his cousin leaving.


Yeah I feel out of the loop.

Good on him, he clearly deserves a shot in Europe and that should be a decent launch pad.

Apparently McGree is joining Birmingham City on loan.
But this is a loan deal from Charlotte FC, who are a new franchise and will join the MLS in 2022!


Fark are there going to be any players left?

Didn’t realise Bill’s cousin was 27 already. Fair play, at least he’s not going to Xanthi.

Moving to the championship via a MLS Club that doesn’t exist just yet is an odd move for McGree. Would rather he have just gone to the championship directly and Adélaïde get that transfers/ sell on

Lachlan Brook did leave Adélaïde to join Brentford on a long contract

Posh twat

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Have no idea how autocorrect did that

We’ve got a few fringe players in need of game time that we could loan a few teams. Providing our squad remains as is I wouldn’t mind the likes of Ivanovic, Zuvela, Van der Saag and Flottman getting game time elsewhere next season.

Just saw a bunch of twitter stuff about how they’re already packed with midfielders.

Souttar made championship team of the week after starting again for Stoke.

If McGree plays a season with Birmingham and then one with Charlotte his career would he’d have played 6 years (excluding 15/16 where he made one appearance) for 5 different clubs and never played more than a season with one club at a time. Cant imagine that level of instability is great for development?

Adelaide say they got an undisclosed fee for him.

McGree probably thinks (rightly) that being in the championship is going to improve his Socceroos chances and I’d say it’s the last big chance he’s going to get.

Next season of the A-League is going to be so weird with so many players leaving.

In a rare “an A-League team actually extends a player’s contract”, Western United have signed on Imai for another season

Own it mate. Good marketing for them as a city.

Àdelaïdé - looks nicely written, turns out its just a lot of fat blokes screaming Mardi Gras.