Impact of coronavirus on Sydney FC thread


Now we know the schedule, how early can we claim the premiers plate?


If we win the first one, any point we pick up after that or any point Wellington drops wins us the premiership.

Note also, winning the final this season would make us the most successful club in Australian national league history, overtaking Hakoah, South Melbourne, Marconi and MV with 4 each. So let’s just get it done.


still a bit hard to do equations, but the good news is those first 2 fixtures are at our regular home so we will either win it there, or maybe even better, will win it officially by the 3rd fixture at BankWest - not even sure which is better.


Winning it at BankWest would be great. Might be the only silverware that ground sees for a long time.


Why not both?

Wrap up the league at home. Parade it at BankWest.


Open top bus through Parramatta.


Apparently the club is going to contact members in the coming days about getting access to games.

I’m more than a bit excited to actually see some live football, even if the Cove can’t be together to create some atmosphere.


The guidance I had read in the past said all attendees had to be seated… I took this to mean in a seat. The Manly Newcastle game on at the moment has at least a couple of hundred people - sitting - on the hill. I’d hope that means Kogarah will be able to have people on the hill also.


Was going to say the same thing. Good signs for hillside attendance.


Can I bring my own deck chair?


Looking at flying into Sydney for a week. Would line up with Jets and WU game. Not getting my hopes up about attending any games but cant help but dream.



apparently all the melbourne teams didn’t make it to Canberra because of fog, so they might well be stuck unless they get a special exemption.

at this point, they can all stay there and forfeit all their games tbh, i don’t want them anywhere near our city at the best of times.

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Nsw government has said they’ll work with the club’s to grant exemptions


Brief video here posted by apparently someone at SBS


Another night of no flying for Victorian teams. Making them look very amateur compared to the other codes.


I really thought it would be NRL players breaking quarantine that fucked this up.

Not the FFA’s own fucking incompetence.


What was the FFA supposed to do?


They weren’t exactly quick off the mark in getting the teams out of Melbourne.


Move the teams last Friday?

It was hardly an unforseen circumstance once those towers got locked.