Impact of coronavirus on Sydney FC thread


FFA press conference on now.

A-League games to continue behind closed doors.


Gallop got out at a good time didn’t he


& thank fuck for that.

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They’re saying they’re going to compress the remaining games into as small a window as possible. Basically a game every three days




A bit of fortune the season is so close to ending and this can be reasonably achieved.

ACL should be cancelled altogether though surely.


Dunno, but there is potential here for a new approach. Given that in the 1930s they used to broadcast synthetic test matches from England using a pencil and a block of wood for sound effects, and these days people pay good money to watch people play video games, could they not liven up the broadcasts from empty stadiums with some virtual effects? At least the players would be real. As for the players’ welfare, given the presence of medical teams the players are far more likely to be monitored at training than they are at home. Bear in mind that there’s no treatment, your immune system IS the treatment (I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice). There is the travel issue I guess, but people will need distractions to maintain morale, and sport is the ultimate distraction (well, apart from one other I can think of).


Surely Wellington can go to somewhere like valentine Park with onsite accommodation, and still be able to train, without breaking quarantine?

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Some clubs in Europe have tweeted Football Manager games involving their clubs :joy:

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Govt didn’t really have a choice. The advice they had from DFAT was correct at the time.

The numbers of infected people flying into Australia has increased - three people in a flights from Dubai, and two from LA last Wed based on latest NSW Govt release

And I suspect even more on the flights up until Sun


Phoenix delaying flight to Aus unless they can be assured they can train during self isolation. Could be the final straw for this year’s comp.


FFS. I get it’s a massive inconvenience for them and Victory, but how about some perspective from both?

It’s a sad reflection of today’s society.

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When are the wanderers giving me my money for the derby back?

I don’t care about my season ticket, but fuck giving them cunts my money.


Some football to look forward to

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Being stuck in a foreign country, away from family, during a period of uncertainty merely to provide content to fox and their shitty business model is a little bit more than inconvenience methinks.


That’s not the issue.

They are OK with coming here but are now making demands in regards to training, Dome has been quoted as saying it’s non-negotiable or they’ll pull the pin. Fancy making demands at a time like this…

Same as MV / Ola complaining on Sunday. It sucks arse, it really does, but you don’t deserve an exception to any rules just because you’re paid to kick a ball around.

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I don’t see the issue with the demand??? So you expect the team to agree to come hear, sit in a hotel doing sweet F all for 2 weeks and then compete in a competition for another few weeks, fly home to NZ after the competition, sit in quarantine for an extra 2 weeks and then get back to their lives? And you expect them to not want to maximize the chances that they want to make all of that worth their time? While they’re sitting in quarantine doing nothing, all of the other teams will be out on the pitch training their arses off. It’s actually a fairly good decision, especially as all they need, is access to a single field.


They’re entitled to ask the question, then abide by the decision / advice provided by government and medical experts. The end.


They’re also entitled to decide that, if they’re not training, they’re ruining any chance they have of holding their current position, and there’s no reason for them to even make the effort. I’m seriously not sure where you coming from this?

Would you be happy if your work sent you right now to NZ and you had to sit there, do shit all for 2 weeks and then have to catch up on a project for the next 3 weeks, fly back after potentially screwing up the project and sit in quarantine for another 2 weeks? I dare say you’d be pretty pissed off with that concept, and you’d be sending out emails to your boss, telling him that you may be able to do it, on the condition that you can continue working for the first two weeks you have in quarantine.