Impact of coronavirus on Sydney FC thread


If anyone is interested, here’s the Covid protocol for the game I’m going to tonight at BankWest.

Dear Attendee,

We look forward to welcoming you back to the NRL Premiership for Round 6 v Warriors.

Whilst we are excited to share this opportunity with you, there are some protocols that will need to be followed to adhere to NSW Government Guidelines. We would like to take this chance to brief you on these protocols prior to your arrival at the venue.

All Attendees will have their ticket scanned to gain access to the venue.

Attendees will also undergo the following process upon entry:

All personnel entering via the Entry Point must:

  • submit to and pass an individual temperature check which records a temperature of 37.4c or less

  • Confirm to staff whether they have any COVID-19 symptoms;

  • Confirm to staff whether they have come into contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19;

  • Confirm to staff whether they have been in quarantine in the past 14 days.

Personnel who fail the temperature check, report contact with COVID-19 cases or quarantine, are experiencing or displaying symptoms, or are otherwise unwell, will not be permitted entry.

At all Entry Points to the Venue Zone, entering personnel must be briefed concerning the following:

  • That the Match-Day Facility is a biosecurity controlled area and that care must be taken at all times to limit the risk of transmission of COVID-19, including social distancing guidelines of remaining 1.5 meters apart and 1 person per 4 square meters;

  • The location of the Clean Zone and that entry is prohibited;

  • COVID-19 symptoms and the requirements that any sickness/feeling unwell be notified immediately;

  • Encouraged to download the COVID Safe App.

All personnel admitted to the venue are to be reminded of personal Hygiene Procedures.

Coronavirus is most easily spread by breathing in droplets from someone coughing or sneezing, or by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth.Persons can best protect against this by:

  • Washing hands properly and often, with soap and water;
  • Using alcohol-based hand sanitiser when handwashing is unavailable;
  • Covering sneezes and coughs with the elbow or a tissue, then washing or sanitising hands and discarding the tissue.

All personnel admitted to the Venue Zone must provide contact details (name, phone number,email) on a Match Day Ticketed Attendee Register. Please reply to this email with the appropriate details for yourself and/or your guests who will be using the tickets supplied to you.

Ticketed Attendees are encouraged to drive to the game with members of their household/group only.

Now, as much as ever, NRL Clubs value your constant support and understanding. Rugby league is known for its resilience and we know we will work through this together. We appreciate your patience at the Venue Entry Point and adhering to social distancing guidelines.


I give it 2 weeks before the first streaker

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I thought Covid Commissionar Roy Slaven said there would be some sort of sheep dip?

And have you really been there since half 9 this morning?


Sounds similar to the requirements to enter an Aged Care Facility.


I would think so.

Back from the game; it was an eerie experience being one of 436 people watching a game in such a big stadium. A least the queues for food and drink were short.


Sounds like the experience I had watching the Rabitos playing Cowboys at ANZ a few years back. Wound’t have been more than 5000 people in an 85k seater stadium.


I was probably at that game too, but it was weirder than that.


Yeah, I get it.


Not sure if it’s real but A-League Memes seem to have been sent a draw or at least a draft draw for the rest of the season:

For us:

  • 17 July vs Nux
  • 21 July vs Jets
  • 25 July vs WU
  • 1 August vs City
  • 6 August vs Adelaide
  • 10 August vs Roar

Sydney FC’s 2019/20 Fixtures:*

Friday 17th July – vs Wellington Phoenix (H) – Netstrata Jubilee Stadium – Kick off 7:30pm

Tuesday 21st July – vs Newcastle Jets (H) – Netstrata Jubilee Stadium - Kick off 7:30pm

Saturday 25th July – vs Western United FC (H) – BankWest Stadium - Kick off 5pm

Saturday 1st August – vs Melbourne City (A) – TBC - Kick off 5pm

Thursday 6th August – vs Adelaide United (A) – TBC - Kick off 7pm

Monday 10th August – vs Brisbane Roar (A) – ANZ Stadium - Kick off 7:30pm


Hopefully, a reasonable number can get into Parramatta and Homebush


Now we know the schedule, how early can we claim the premiers plate?


If we win the first one, any point we pick up after that or any point Wellington drops wins us the premiership.

Note also, winning the final this season would make us the most successful club in Australian national league history, overtaking Hakoah, South Melbourne, Marconi and MV with 4 each. So let’s just get it done.


still a bit hard to do equations, but the good news is those first 2 fixtures are at our regular home so we will either win it there, or maybe even better, will win it officially by the 3rd fixture at BankWest - not even sure which is better.


Winning it at BankWest would be great. Might be the only silverware that ground sees for a long time.


Why not both?

Wrap up the league at home. Parade it at BankWest.


Open top bus through Parramatta.


Apparently the club is going to contact members in the coming days about getting access to games.

I’m more than a bit excited to actually see some live football, even if the Cove can’t be together to create some atmosphere.


The guidance I had read in the past said all attendees had to be seated… I took this to mean in a seat. The Manly Newcastle game on at the moment has at least a couple of hundred people - sitting - on the hill. I’d hope that means Kogarah will be able to have people on the hill also.


Was going to say the same thing. Good signs for hillside attendance.