Improving match day experience 2021/2022

Hey everyone,

I’ve been stalking this forum for a while now so I thought I’d finally sign up and make a post. Now that the season is over after that awful Grand Final it’s time to start looking forward to next season.

What would you like to see be brought in to improve the overall match day experience at Kogarah and, once it’s complete, the new SFS?

I’d love to see us link up with some of Sydney’s many different breweries and have a bit of a beer festival type thing at Kogarah. I can see this being a lot more difficult at Moore Park.

this might be a good option for games at Leichhardt next year - encourage the club to get a bunch of foodtrucks / stalls, beer tents etc and either have them on the hill inside the ground or the football pitch behind the north western side.

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I remember the club did that for an ACL match a few years ago (when we were at the SFS) and it created a nice vibe among the small crowd. Seemed to do a roaring trade too.

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Win. More. Games.

Grab a hammer and help build the SFS quicker.


2 words:




Less music


Actually I think more music. Live music that is. Get some of Sydney’s great local bands to play pre game. Gets people into the ground earlier, buying more food & beer.

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I would love the club to hire someone local like Young Henrys to make a beer for the club.

For general matchday I just want more branding for the club around the city before you get to the ground when we return to SFS. Moore Park never felt like OUR home ground, it felt like a hired venue we played in. Dunno how much a mural would cost, but getting someone to paint something Sydney FC around the ground outside would be nice.

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Turn off pre game music, and half time announcer can go as well to be honest.


I go to concerts for music. I don’t go to concerts to hear the cove.


If it never felt like our home ground, why do I ache so much every time I pass the pub or the bridge of the SFS construction? I’m all for personalising it, but to me at least it felt like our home ground because it’s where I was around other supporters and the team. But it IS a hired venue. We, like every club there, are tenants. All AL clubs are tenants. Sky Park will be the club’s actual operational base.

I’m good with working out a deal out with Playbill in which a concert is held after a Sydney FC game and we get some sort of ticket deal, but I don’t really get live music at the football unless it’s a major international or something. The Rubens at the first derby at the SCG and that rapper in Parra a few years back were pretty ordinary. Seems like a big waste of lighting and staging and everything else for a short set when everyone is nervous about the game. The key to me with the match day experience at Moore Park is utilising the facilities of the precinct and engaging with surrounding pubs and restaurants in Paddo, Redfern and Surry Hills. The council could help. Don’t think they will though.


The live band thing was more me thinking out loud. Football in this country gets pushed to the side and over shadowed by other codes way too much, especially in this city. I was purely trying to come up with ways how we can make our games a more integral part of the Sydney sporting calendar. How we can make them more of a “Sydney” event.

I 100% agree about utilising the area/suburbs around Moore Park. Football’s USP over other sports is the fan culture and match day experience. We should be selling that to local pubs/restaurants.

The problem with that is Young Henry’s make rubbish swill.
One Drop is who we need to be going with.


A hammock district. You know, there’s a little place called Miloš Hammocks. The nice thing about that place is Miloš gets in the hammock with you.


Not playing at kogarah will do wonders for the match day experience


not a fan of live music either. If it’s a good band, you’ll never do them justice as no one is realistically there to watch them play. Better way to support live music would be to have a Sydney FC game ticket entry to a live music venue nearby.

+1 for one drop. Fucking love that joint.

Strippers & Blackjack.