Israel v Palestine - M.A.D or Peace in the Middle East?

It’s only taken 8 months of the war to start this thread, but I thought since it’s such a large issue, and it doesn’t look like ending any time soon, probably best to devote a thread to it and that way, like the Ukraine v Russia thread, we can leave the World News thread to actual world news.

For those confused about the title, MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction.

The reason Evangelicals are generally so pro-Zionist and pro-Israel is a constant source of fascination to me, i.e. It’s for their own ends and not particularly favourable to Judaism as a religion. Does make me wonder what their opinion on Palestinian Christians is. Where was Jesus supposedly born? Oh…

It’s because Evangelical Christians believe that the second coming/armageddon/rapture will be preceded by a massive war involving Israel.

Gaza War: Evangelical Leaders Cheer for the End of the World (

These fuckwads are literally cheering on Middle -East conflict and are highly influential in Christofascist circles, it’s why Evangelicals support Trump despite him being closer to the Antichrist, they think he’s more likely to trigger the pre-rapture war.

Sorry to state the obvious, but what a bunch of fucking weirdos.


Israel are planning another offensive into Gaza City.