Its all horrible now, and I feel sorry for today's kids... the Music thread


Nah, we’re not that old, but it’s definitely time to make the switch to Double J.


Ah man, annoyed that I decided to say home but considering how busy today has been not too sure I would have survived with a hangover.


Probably wise on that front. :wink: I went to the bar for a round in between sets and the staff kindly pointed out it was more economical to buy jugs than 3 individual ciders. When they came back out for the 2nd set Ash & Wally looked over and just laughed as I couldn’t be arsed pouring and was drinking straight from the jug. #SydneyPot


Another year another Hottest 100. I’m 34 and getting well outside the J’s target market. Not going to lie though, I love the hottest 100. Me and my wife sat out on the back deck with our dogs smashing piss all day and listening to music.
#1 was a pretty boring song, although i thought it was pretty likely for top spot. Good to see Aussies take number 1


I thought that in lieu of not doing it on Australia Day, they were doing it on the public holiday Monday. Oh well, I missed it.


Redoing it today, top 200 today though. Also doing Hottest 100 from 1998 on Double J today, for those of us old enough to prefer that.


I’m in the same boat.

I thought last years was very weak and thought maybe it just wasn’t for me anymore. But this years list was great (although Confidence is meh).


Thought is was a good 100, but a weakish Top 10. Looking forward to 200 - 101 today.

The kids are generally alright by me, but this “sicko mode is this generations Bohemian Rhapsody” needs to GTFO


Yeah, spent most of yesterday in the pool with it on, wasn’t half as bad as this old curmudgeon expected (probably hearing half those tunes for the first time too, didn’t listen to JJJ at all last year).

That said, Double J have just started ‘98. Sich Offnen at #100 shits all over that rubbish that came in 2nd yesterday.


As I curmudgeon, the top song just sounded like a super dull yacht rock song.

Except for the number 1, what a shit show ‘Pretty Fly for a White Guy’ is.


List has peaked at #68.

I think there have been a few winners like that over the years, kinda “fad” songs that are released closer to when voting opens and so end up artificially higher than they should.


I wonder why??? :wink:

I remember that they flogged the shit out of that song in the weeks before the vote, then into the vote but then you could sense that people hating on it but having this feeling of doom that it was going to win.

From the 1998 vote so far; I totally forgotten about Metallica’s ‘Unforgiven II" (what a piece of soft shit it is), how cool were Pollyanna, Something for Kate’s version of ‘Harpoon’ is better than the original, Manic Street Preachers’ ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’ is sooo good and totally forgot that Happyland’s ‘Hello’.


Absolutely, I still spin Hello Halo pretty regularly, great record.

I remember seeing Happyland at the BDO in what I think were the only live shows they ever played. :sunglasses:



Also worked out that 20 years later my hate for The Whitlams hasn’t diminished.


As it continues to get bigger year on year and the Hottest 200 is generally more popular (social media) than the 100, I wonder how many Edgar Neubauer’s are voting?

It’s so easy to vote now that I can see how shit gets voted for. Set up free e-mail account, vote, press send and repeat ad nauseum.
What was our excuse in '98 though? We had to fill out a form, buy an envelope to put it in and go to the post office to buy a stamp and post it. Plenty of chances there not to vote for Pauline Pantsdown!

Would Denis Leary’s “Asshole” have been the first “fad” song to win?


Yeah for sure. I think that was the first Hottest 100 as we now know it too. The ones before that were always “of all time” votes and not restricted to the one calendar year.


It was indeed.

As for eddie’s other questions.

I’m going to sound like a old man (yes I am one), but the music that makes the Hottest 100 now is a lot blander now than it was back then. Yes, you had the likes of Powderfinger and The Whitlams charting well back then but you still have bands that we no way bland at all.

1998 was a weird one, back then a song had to be played/released towards the end of the year to be any shot in making it in so having ‘Pretty Fly for a White Guy’ being constantly played when people were voting (remember there was a time lag due to postal votes), meant it was front of mind and people picked it. As a lot of people on the Facebook thread about the poll said, they remember people calling in and saying they wished that they took their vote for this song back.


Yeah I remember the phone calls made into Request Fest in the lead up to and then made on the day of the '98 countdown the “recast my vote movement” but, regardless of personal opinion on artist or song, no one really questioned how songs made or did not make the list. I agree that the later the song was released the better chance of it getting a vote. Unless you or someone you knew bought the single or EP of a track released in February, tracking a copy down for a listen was definitely a lot more difficult than it is now.
The same can’t be said about the last few years though and coincides with, but may not be related to, the electronic voting system. Songs that have been some of the most requested throughout the year on JJJ and also receive commercial airplay (not just everyday JJJ listeners vote) poll a lot lower or not at all. This explains why there appears to be more artificially high tracks despite being able to listen & compare as you vote.

As for the blandness, I guess that comes down to being able to produce music and distribute it without leaving your bedroom or dressing in a combination of clothes from every member of your family and playing an acoustic guitar somehow covers up the fact it’s commercial pop you’re playing. The days of 5+ piece bands crafting and honing their sound in garages and dank pubs are dying if not already dead.


They call me Rutger Worm…


hottest 100 was always shit. even in the 90s.