Its all horrible now, and I feel sorry for today's kids... the Music thread


Except when it was won by Joy Division with that song about Brosquey.



Kids these days shakes fist


Smells Like Teen Spirit was the first fad song and led to them changing the format of the countdown.


I wouldn’t quite say that, it won the all time votes again in 1998 and 2009 ruling it out as pure fad.

How did I only just discover retro month this evening? Some absolute belters on rage, forza Recovery (minus that Dylan fuckwit) & 10:30 slot.


It hasn’t always been that good, usually it’s episodes of Countdown and Rock Arena.


I’m sure most have seen this by now, but if not, take a moment to sign this petition and if you can, get down to the rally next thursday. This has gone too far.


Whilst well meaning I feel the current state of affairs is a reflection on the NSW government’s archaic drug stance moreso than them ‘declaring war’ on live music.


It’s definitely an indirect attack on certain types of live music because it’s not only the sniffer dogs and the extra Police/cost for dance parties it is also the lock-out laws and general red tape involved with venues getting the right licence to have music performed.


It’s as much about drugs as the lockouts were about coward punches. They’re simply an excuse to put these measures in place, because maybe there are votes in it (and probably some benefits to donors too).


I feel the kids would feel better and not need drugs if they just listened to Iron Man once a day.


Yeah Ozzy never needed drugs haha


It must be Kiddy Fiddler Week on Apple Music, both MJ and R Kelly amongst those trending.


gotta love how news stories like those make people think, hmm. better give them a listen.


How is this R Kelly situation only becoming a thing now?

He’s been banging underage fans since the 90s. Everyone knew about it.


wasn’t there a video?


Yeah I remember hearing about the video back then too


He had some almost “cultish” hold on these girls/women so no one came forward to accuse him


I get it happens for nostalgic reasons when someone passes away, but yeah this is fucked up.

Half expecting George Pell to release a single now.