It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread


Puts the whole Medevac scare campaign in perspective. Interested in Herr Dutton’s thoughts on this.


This is unfucking believable.


Seriously tempted to get out my “Vote for Pedro” shirt tomorrow.


Hawke’s death is a terrible and tragic reminder of how far politics has sunk in this country.


Imagine a leader with his charisma, bottle and forward thinking now. Sad he didnt get to see this weekend.


Voted first thing in the morning. 35 numbers to get through the whole of the above the line in the Senate. Absolutely ludicrous.

That choice at around number 20 between racists, bigots and anti-vaxxers really makes you think.


I’ve known who I wanted to vote for for months but when they gave me the ballot paper I couldn’t find Jacinda Ardern’s name anywhere.


Today’s the day, can finally punt this do nothing government into the bin where they belong.



Just got home after eight hours on the booth. Feeling pretty nervous about tonight.


So nervous, cmon Australia, don’t fuck this up.


Worked the high commission in Singapore. Overseas voters are muppets. No, you are not enrolled in Singapore. This is not an electorate.


Jesus, is it too early to get worried?




People are idiots. They’re returning a government full of self interest led by a vacuous suit because tha vacuous suit wears a baseball cap.


I’m getting very nervous.


A swing TO Peter Dutton. Queensland is fucking garbage.


No it isn’t. Even if Labor was a big favourite (which they aren’t), another 3 years of Liberals in power is going to be an absolute disaster for this country. These 6 years have been bad enough.


I was ready to celebrate tonight but this looks really grim so far.


Swings all over the shop. This is so weird.