It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread


With any luck, the Federal Election will go the same way. I’m not usually a fan of one party having both the lower and upper house at once, but Labor really needs to have the maximum opportunity to start reversing the damage the Liberal Party have done to our nation domestically and abroad.


Maybe its the cynic in me, but at a federal level, I don’t see a great deal changing, regardless of who is “in charge”…


Also good to see the swing is not at the expense of the greens. Dominant win for progressive politics.


Fantastic result in Victoria - the Liberals deserved a complete shellacking for their ultra bleak, racist campaign. Fuck em.


And now Julia Banks piles in on the coalition’s misery by moving to the cross bench for the remainder of parliament.
As their leadership embarks on further expeditions to the far right to try and get ON voters, they leave everyone in the middle with no choice but to look to the ALP.


I look forward to an American Samoa style drubbing for the federal Liberal Party at the next election.


It will be interesting to see if Dutton will now be referred.


This government deserves a shellacking - what a waste of six year. Truly bereft of any direction for the country, a complete refusal to do anything about climate change, housing affordability and they ruined the NBN.

Bring on the election. The Centrelink line is too good for most of this government.


But they are bringing in a surplus, (tough luck if you know someone in a nursing home).


I’m a Liberal Party voter but I’ll be happy to see them get absolutely creamed in the next election so that there can be a clearing of the hostile, individualistic, extremist etc ect etc deck that has plagued the party over the last 6 or so years.

What an absolute debacle of a political party they have been!


You have to wonder though (assuming they do get the creaming which seems to be coming) which side of the party will eventually come out on top and rebuild the party in their image - the ‘centrists’ or the ‘right wingers’. Or perhaps they’ll be creamed in roughly equal proportions, and the fight will go on?


I’m hoping the right wingers get the worst of it and the party comes to realise that the majority of Australians want a Centrist/common sense approach to politics.
I don’t ever think (or hope) we as a country are stupid enough where up to half the population would vote for a party with lunatic extreme views front and center.


Craig Kelly could be the next to go independent because it looks like the moderates are on the verge of ousting him in preselection:


Will he divert preferences back to libs over labor and get his competitor up or go down in a blaze of vengeance and preference labor?


He’d surely preference the Libs. He’s a proper ideologue.


Best case would be that he’d split the Lib vote and Labor would regain the seat.
Kelly is a proper fruitcake though and I’d expect the Liberal vote to desert him in droves…


You’d think preventing religious discrimination against kids would be a bi-partisan, no-brainer…yet here we are. sigh


Utterly embarrassing day of parliament for both of the big parties today. Disgraceful.


Yeah what in the actual fuck?

I feel like people are going to blame Labour for the aa bill. This is surely a stunt that has badly backfired.


Has anyone read a good basic run-down of the new encryption bill? I haven’t been following the story that closely.