It's OK to be White and other dogwhistles - the Australian politics thread


It’s proper fucked:


As much as I love kicking all politicians, and there are plenty of reasons to kick Labor (why not start with the encryption bill they’re supporting?), I’m not really sure what you’re expecting them to do here. An opportunity to pass a bill in line with their policy platform arose and they took it. A majority of the parliament isn’t supposed to just sit quietly and do whatever the government asks them.

The issue is that the government doesn’t have a workable majority and was so scared of losing face (and office) that they ran home early. What they did was deeply disturbing. No matter how you feel about the Libs’ trainwreck of a government so far, this is the first time they’ve truly spat in the face of democracy. And for what? To delay the inevitable another two months? Fuck em.


That’s exactly what the ALP have done though?
After days/weeks of speaking out on how dangerous and rushed this bill was, they just passed it anyway.

The nonsense the govt pulled (laughable filibustering, shutting the house down etc) is beyond pathetic, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from them.


Oh right, my bad. Thought you were calling Labor’s attempt to get the medical evacuation bill through pathetic.

Totally agree on the encryption bill.


Labor have been terrified of being wedged on “national security” issues since children overboard, and it’s resulted in the passing of some pretty awful legislation.


Its exactly this kind of garbage why fringe parties are increasingly getting the vote. People are over the hypocrisy of the establishment and I would not be surprised to see whoever wins government next year having to deal with more crossbenchers rather than less.


Yeah Labor are afraid of jeapordising their campaign with anything remotely controversial, particularly anything security related.


As much as I hate the decision, it’s the smart thing to do politically. What are you going to do if you’re concerned about governments curtailing civil rights in the name of national security? Vote Liberal? It’ll only lose Labor votes to the left where the preferences will come back anyway.


“In a canter” :disappointed:


I reckon that photo of Morrison handing a lump of coal around parliament is going to haunt the Liberals for a long time to come.


Bit random but there’s a photo of Shorten this morning going for a jog in an Adelaide United jersey.


Well he IS the leader of Australia’s communist party.


He is probably deeply ashamed of his Victorian heritage as well.


Confirmed: Shorten hates the Vuck.


This lot can’t even go a few days without a huge clusterfuck.

Andrew Broad, take a bow.


Oh look it’s yet another fucking “If we let the gays get married then it’ll ruin the sanity of this sacred institution” fascist caught fucking around on his wife.

Fuck all these sanctimonious hypocrites. Hope he gets tarred and feathered.


Geez Morrison has made a real prick of this Jerusalem embassy issue. His solution has pissed pretty much every country off including Israel.


It’s just spectacular. Pretty much any decision related to the Arab-Israeli conflict is guaranteed to piss someone off, but pissing off everyone at once is a special kind of incompetence.


Great to see George Christensen trending again.


What’s that fat mess done now?