It's still nil all boys! - The Park Football Thread

We had a good dump of rain the other day and apparently they held up well. We’ll see how they go after tomorrow though i guess.

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Actually, I can’t say that because then it’s obvious where I am if you know the paddocks

Proper park football in my son’s cup game.

Goes to a penalty shootout, notice that the referee doesn’t have a notepad out during the shootout.

They score their 5th penalty to go 3-1 up, game over right?
Ref says that we have to take our 5th shot, ok then, maybe we had it wrong.
We score, everyone goes yay, we must be tied, sudden death it is.

Team manager from the other team says hang on ref, the score is 3-2, we win. Ref isn’t sure, they look at their phone and compare, our coach is saying wtf.
I yell out at the ref, this is your job, keeping a record of the game is probably the most important part.

Ref finally says yeah they win. Probably the first time I’ve ever seen a referee not keep score in a game and not be sure when the game is over.

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