Its the All Stars

Game out at homebush on wednesday May 25th

Worth noting that the Grand Final is meant to be on 28 May so this will take all the attention from that

and its only three days after the end of La Liga… very odd timing all round

I don’t buy any argument around this taking away from the GF. You really think there is some huge 7 day media frenzy for the GF every year and this somehow interrupts it? The semis will be done, Barca game midweek, then media will pick up the few days after the friendly and shift focus to the GF. Those that would have cared about the A League GF are going to care about it with or without the friendly in-between.

It’s a good opportunity for the APL to try and advertise the final during the game which they obviously plan to do given the timing.

It’s a load of wank, who wants to see a second-rate ‘all-stars’ get rogered by a 3rd string Barca team with more toes than minutes played in the first team?


Presumably an All Stars side excluding players from the top 2 clubs in the league.

Probably about 60,000+ people…

That’s the best part of this. The all stars won’t have the best players…

Neither did last seasons Grand Final.

No, Kosta was definitely there. Scored even.

I might have gone to Sydney to see Bartha play.

On a Saturday …I

And to be fair, Barcelona won’t either

Barca play their last game on the 22nd.

Absolute farce of an event

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I’d like to see Barcelona play, just not in an all stars gimmick.

I’ll probably do some housework instead.

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Good news is I ain’t gonna be at no Grand Final this year. I mean, I wasn’t last year, but that was disease stuff. This is being shit stuff!


I have actually just gone to the trouble of voting for a first XI for this game. APL have narrowed down the selections for each position… when you look at the options to choose, you realise just how stupid the score line could get if Barca actually bother to show up.

I voted just before as well, A-League all start team doesn’t look that bad necessarily, but obviously yeah will get hammered if Barca decide to be spoilsports.

The only push notifications I’ve ever received from Keepup are for this nonsense.