Its the All Stars

Have you actually watched any of his stuff? If it because he doesn’t resort to penis or fart jokes that you don’t like him?

He’s a decent comedian and I’m happy to see he’s finding success globally.

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Yeah, I like him. Had one of his live shows on SBS the other night. It wasn’t too bad.

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He is brilliant in Rake.

He’s humorous in small doses. That’s most comedians though.

You mean Fisk? :wink:


Yeah fuck. Glad you’re on my wavelength :joy:

Ridiculous as I was thinking Fisk and typing Rake!

If we make the final we dont have to worry about this

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Why announce a preliminary squad? Seems odd.

I think because they’ll add in players from knocked out semi-finalists and theres always bound to be players dropping out in the run in.

They also said Kisnorbo is coach with Milligan and Stanton assistants with Theo as GK coach. Not sure what the point of an A-League allstars is with a coach that isnt actually active.

Womens side has also gone with Montemurro as coach with two actually active coaches in the league in Kat Smith and Emily Husband being assistants.

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Pop himself in the shop window for when Rudan gets booted from out west

That’s just ridiculously silly though. You’ve already locked in spots from essentially the shitter teams. There will literally be players that are better in their positions that are currently playing that may be locked out because someone shitter was chosen.

Totally agree. Scheduling it in grand final week meant it was always going to be more of an A-League Select than A-League Allstars.

And on the womens side, not having Juric as head coach also massive diminishes the Allstars part

Nobody else does it, so that means we’re doing something original!

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No, the ARL often have train on squads of players out of the semi’s when there’s post season internationals, they add in players as teams get knocked out of the semi’s. Same same

I just meant why announce a preliminary one at all. Might aswell just wait until Monday and then announce the whole squad. No big deal, just odd.